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Global success, “sitcoms”, commonly known as sitcoms, have marked the last decades of North American television. And with the popularization of streaming, following these episodes has become easier, whether seeing the series for the first time or rewatching it. With that in mind, CinePOP has separated out five very popular sitcoms from the past few years that are available on major streams. Check!


A phenomenon “rediscovered” by fans and the current generation during the pandemic, The Office was one of the most successful series of the early 2000s. Using politically incorrect humor to criticize the average North American, the series creates several clueless situations to work an incredible mood. At the same time, the revolutionary proposal to make it a Mockumentary (a comedy documentary simulation) manages to show more humanized aspects of the characters’ personal lives, creating a strong bond between them and the audience.

Where to watch: Star+ and HBO Max

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Probably the most famous sitcom of all, even those who don’t like Friends know the story of the six friends in their thirties, who live in New York in the early 90s, and meet with an unusual frequency for people of that age in the group’s favorite house and cafe. Thus, they talk about and participate in various issues and problems typical of age, such as job changes and intense love life.

Where to watch: HBO Max

modern family

Created by Christopher Lloyd, Doc Brown of Back to the Future, this series follows the Prichetts, a completely different family, which has just gained new members, when the maternal grandfather marries a young Colombian and begins to live with her and the sons, and uncles, an LGBT couple, adopt a Vietnamese baby. Over the seasons, we see the family grow, break up and understand the most common situations to the most bizarre. Also betting on the Mockumentary format, the production ended recently, so it goes through many “little news” that have been introduced to society in recent decades.

Where to watch: Star+

Brooklyn nine-nine

From the creator of The Office, Brooklyn Nine-Nine is set in a New York City police station in Brooklyn’s 99th Precinct. The series follows Detective Jake Peralta, who is very good at what he does, despite being practically a kid with a gun and co-workers. Full of creative jokes and extremely charismatic characters, the production also uses clueless humor to win over audiences with memorable moments.

Where to watch: Netflix

how I Met Your Mother

In a format similar to that of Friends, which caused a series of jokes among the fans of the two productions, How I Met Your Mother succeeded very well in following the confusions and the nonsenses made by a group of five friends. The difference is that the structure of the series revolves around Ted Mosby, a boy who, in the year 2030, begins to tell his children how he met their mother in the 2000s. Thus, the stories come together as he recalls the relationships he had with friends during his youth.

Where to watch: Star+

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