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Tip of the weekend | Movies and series on the main streams



The streams are here to stay in the country, each with their own content. In the face of so many premieres, CinePOP has separated five movies from different streams to help you decide what to watch this weekend. Check!

Before leaving

Carter (Morgan Freeman) is a well-married man suffering from cancer treatment. After feeling pain, he must be hospitalized. At the hospital, he shares a room with the owner of the medical center (Jack Nicholson), a businessman who made a name for himself by setting up the system of shared rooms in his establishments. He is terminally ill with cancer and is finally convinced by Carter to make a list of things he always wanted to do but never had time for. So the elderly duo set out to travel the world splurging while there’s still time.

Where to watch: HBO Max

Have fun watching:

Route 66: the police who kill

Based on the book Rota 66, by journalist Caco Barcellos, the series follows the investigations of young Caco Barcellos (Humberto Carrão), a reporter from São Paulo who investigates cases of murders committed by ROTA, São Paulo’s elite police , in peripheral. of São Paulo between the 70s and 90s. Globoplay’s original production is a breath of fresh air for True Crime and shows, with great skill, the horrors committed against Brazilians in actions legitimized by the state.

Where to watch: Globoplay

my policeman

Starring Harry Styles, My Policeman is an adaptation of a book of the same name, set in England in the 1950s, when society was even more prejudiced and the LGBT cause was far from taken seriously. In this context, a policeman lives a very intense relationship with a teacher, until the day when the curator of the museum appears and falls in love with the policeman. At the time, their relationship was against the law, so they begin a secret love triangle that works out really well. Years later, with the policeman and the teacher married, the curator reappears, affecting their marriage.

Where to watch: Amazon Prime Video

Enola Holmes 2

Sequel to the 2020 hit, Enola Holmes 2 follows the journey of young detective Enola Holmes (Millie Bobby Brown), the sister of the iconic Sherlock Holmes (Henry Cavill). In the plot, after solving the case from the first film, Enola sets up her own office. The problem is that the customers don’t trust the girl very much, thinking she’s too young and inexperienced. Amidst many confusions and requests for contact from her famous brother, Enola is about to give up her career as a detective, when she decides to take on the case of a little girl, whose sister has disappeared. What she didn’t expect was that this case was much more complex than it seemed.

Where to watch: Netflix

the cage

Starring Chay Suede, this national thriller takes place almost entirely inside a car. The plot follows a young man from a poor family who decides to steal a luxury car. However, he did not expect the car to be a real prison, controlled by a sadistic “doctor”, ready to see the young man humiliate himself and waste away, while taking advantage of his position of power. He communicates through the car without appearing, so the attacker has an invisible enemy. Can he escape this one alive?

Where to watch: Star+

Don’t forget to watch:

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