Tina Cipollari in tears, never seen like this: “I didn’t want that to happen”



Tina Cipollari in tears, never seen like this: “I didn’t want that to happen”. For the first time the historical chronicler appeared in crisis

We’ve known her well now for at least twenty years and it was usually her who got others into trouble, with her dirty jokes and her verve. But for once, we saw Tina Cipollari struggling like never before.

Tina Cipollari in tears (Instagram)

Invited by Verissimo to present his new book, ‘Piume di Struzzo’ (Mondadori). A painful dive into the past, when she was a child and lived in Viterbo with her mother, her father and her three brothers. A peasant family where life was not easy. We worked hard, fatigue was felt and there was little money. Tina, remembering this period, shed several tears, showing herself in a completely different form than you usually see in UeD.
“Nobody knows my story before I became a character. I had a hard time telling myself, this dive into the past weakens me and makes me think of things that I had put aside. Now I have to say thank you to this little girl of yesterday because if today I am who I am, I owe it to her, “began Tina who then recounted the hard life in the countryside lived in her childhood. Dad always worked in the fields, even his mother. Both parents left today.
“My mother was a strong woman with a lot of energy. She took care of four children and worked. A tired woman who couldn’t be happy because she came home with no energy. I knew he couldn’t give more”. At this point, Cipollari burst into tears, interrupting the story and apologizing to the landlady: “Sorry Silvia, but remembering hurts me. I didn’t want that to happen, I always tried to hide behind the laughs and my mannerisms but… Excuse me,” he said, in obvious difficulty.

Tina Cipollari in tears, never seen like this: her great love was only one

Back on the line with the studio, Tina cried again and apologized, visibly in pain. “I’m sorry Silvia, but these memories really hurt me,” he said in a broken voice. Then comes her first great love, a man named Antonio. She is a person who changed her life, for the better, despite the love story that did not end well.

The confessions of Tina Cipollari (Instagram)

“Antonio was my only great love, he made me live some of those dreams I always had. A beautiful story that ended badly. I was very much in love, it taught me to live, it took away my insecurities, my fears and my insecurities. Among other things, he died, many years ago”.
The Verissimo wheelhouse lovingly asked her where she is today. “I still have to go,” Tina commented. No “him” in sight.

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