TIM customers, sting on the way: in November everything will increase



Bad news for those who have a telephone subscription to TIM, the national number one in telecommunications

November will not be a happy and convenient month for many Italians. Especially for those who have long boasted of being a TIM subscriber. The national telephone company is about to make price increases that aren’t exactly welcome.

Tim logo (web source)

Indeed, over the next few weeks, changes are planned for users who have activated rechargeable offers in the last few months. If for new subscribers TIM always grants crazy and off-market promotions, the “faithful” of the supplier will be rather penalized, in this strange law of the market.

Consequently, changes in the price list with regard to TIM customers and the different proposals of the telephone company. Already in recent weeks, the prices of some subscriptions had been remodeled. But starting in November, it looks like the cost of almost all rechargeable offers will go up.

TIM, increase on all offers for former subscribers: the supplier’s solution to not dissatisfy them

TIM has already sent the communication to its subscribers by SMS or e-mail regarding the price adjustments we have talked about. Variations of different kinds, but overall they will not be exaggerated increases: the promotions should increase by 1 or 2 euros maximum per month.

Nothing over the top, but certainly Italian TIM subscribers won’t take it well. The hunt for great deals like new subscribers from other providers is likely to generate a general rush from the national telephone operator. The TIM logo (pixabay)

That’s why TIM still decided to meet the former subscribers and aficionados. The company has planned compensatory measures for its subscribers: those who have an active rechargeable on the tariff plan and who will find themselves paying a monthly supplement could receive additional quotas for consumption related to calls and SMS.

Even better for surfing the Internet. In fact, TIM, in exchange for price increases, has also thought of increases in internet sockets with a minimum of 30 Giga up to a maximum represented by the connection without consumption limits.

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