TIM beats the competition: the maxi-promotion drives the Italians crazy



Super offer launched by TIM to beat the competition from other telephone operators. Here is the proposal that everyone loves

TIM is certainly the historic telephone company as far as the Italian panorama is concerned. The national company is widely used by users and consumers in our country, despite the great competition.

The TIM logo (pixabay)

Precisely to beat this competition, TIM is launching a promotion that will make its competitors pale in terms of mobile telephony and internet data. After a somewhat sluggish summer in terms of promotions, great news is coming.

TIM’s intention is to bring back to the base many users who have chosen, for competitive external offers, to abandon the national company and switch to other operators given the very attractive recent promotions.

TIM Wonder Five, the promotion that knocks out the competition from Vodafone and Iliad

TIM has not one, but two offers ready to blunt competition from successful providers such as Vodafone and Iliad, which have recently been very popular given the offers also launched this summer to new subscribers.

The name of the two proposals is TIM Wonder Five, proposals with obviously price and connectivity differences. The first of the promotions allows unlimited minutes to all Italian and European operators with 100 gigabytes for web browsing using the 4G network. The price includes a monthly total which happens to be €7.99.

The second variant of this offer has practically the same options, so high-end navigation and unlimited calls. But it will cost €9.99 per month. The price increase depends on the 5G connectivity included in the price. The TIM logo (web source)

These rates will be guaranteed to new TIM subscribers for at least one year, subject to possible modifications during the works. But in any case also in the subsequent renewal period, thus facilitating the hooking of new consumers in this period.

It is very likely that TIM operators will contact old and new subscribers with this very special offer. Wait for their call to be able to adhere in a few steps to the proposals generated by TIM Wonder Five.

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