“This will apply to all marriages”



Church decorated for the wedding (archive) – Photo by Ansa Foto

The League presented a bill to the Chamber which provides for a marriage bonus of up to 20,000 euros for those who marry in the church: the controversy erupts from the opposition, which recalled how much Italy is a secular state.

The clarification of Palazzo Chigi

But sources at Palazzo Chigi clarified that it is a parliamentary initiative and that it is not being studied by the government, continuing that “in a complex financial framework, the executive works to support the family with concrete and achievable measures, which will be contained in the finance law.

Crosetto: “Award for those who marry in church without interest in a secular state”

Defense Minister Guido Crosetto also clarified that “the wedding bonus is not part of the maneuver, it is the proposal presented by a deputy. It never occurred to Palazzo Chigi to give a price to those who marry in the church, it is not a subject that interests a secular state”.

The bill was presented by Lega deputies Domenico Furgiuele, Simone Billi, Ingrid Bisa, Alberto Gusmaroli and Erik Pretto.

The precision of the League: “It will be extended to all marriages”

And it was precisely from Furgiuele that a clarification came: “The bill, which I signed for the first time, aimed at encouraging the marriage sector, which for cost reasons included a bonus intended only for religious marriages, will naturally be extended to all marriages, whether celebrated in church or not”.

Marriage bonus: how it works

The formula is that of deducting 20% ​​of wedding expenses, such as church ornaments, runners and booklets, wedding dresses, catering, favors, hair and makeup service and photographer .

Potential beneficiaries are couples under the age of 35 whose Isee refers to income declared as of December 31, 2022 not exceeding 23 thousand euros and not exceeding 11,500 euros per person. The costs are set at a maximum of 20,000 euros and are divided between the beneficiaries in five equal annual installments.

The marriage must be celebrated in Italy and the beneficiaries must have been Italian citizens for at least ten years.

Reason for invoice

The reason for the bill is the drop in religious rite marriages to -67.9%, as well as first marriages to -52.3%. In 2021 the data indicate, compared to the previous year, a doubling of marriages, but in any case the recovery is not sufficient to recover from the previous year.

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