This well-known package of pasta hides something terrifying: that’s what



The dough is a product of purely Italian origin, made from flour of different extractions, which is divided into small regular shapes which are then intended to be cooked in boiling salted water. Every self-respecting Italian demands the consumption of this product, at least once a day, with different condiments ranging from simple tomato sauce, to something more elaborate with typical products, to finish with fresh fish. However, a final investigation uncovered something terrifying: a toxic substance present in the much-loved pasta is glycophate.

It is considered a “probably carcinogenic” and pesticide substance, glycophate, indeed it has often been associated with many problems for human health and also for the environment; analyzes carried out in November 2018 tested numerous brands in the pasta sector for the presence of glyphosate and mycotoxins. The investigation had turned glyphosate into a particularly hot topic for all consumers and a paste completely free of any type of contamination in the wheat, or in its raw material, had been demanded in exchange.

Instead, from the new analyzes conducted, a situation even worse than that of 2018 not far away emerges. If initially traces of pesticides were only found in two brands of pasta, this time 7 out of 20 in total were concerned. A type of spaghetti that has been analyzed would refute the theory that wheat contaminated with glyphosate originates in Canada and instead produced with 100% Italian raw material, would reveal a significant presence of the pesticide.

Other analyzes carried out have highlighted the dangerousness of this substance even at doses that are not too high, in particular for its ability to affect the intestinal microbiota. The increase in tainted brands may be explained by lower consumer awareness of glyphosate. Between the years 2016 and 2018 the substance was at its highest, precisely as a result of the numerous studies published at that time, which highlighted the numerous risks for human health and which therefore had an impact on the purchases of pasta from part of all.

Today, however, caution is probably less, but the consequence is a real surge in wheat imports from Canada which, according to experts, will already reach the highest levels at the end of 2022. But what exactly is glyphosate? and what risks does it pose to our health? It is the most famous and widespread herbicide in the world, precisely because of its high efficiency and low toxicity, which represents an excellent example of suspected carcinogenicity.

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