This pasta is the poorest on the market: never buy it



Italy’s most loyal pasta consumers lined up against all those famous brands that promised quality but fell short even of it. A well-known newspaper took a great interest in this controversy, even devoting an entire article to it, from which, however, emerged very interesting and not at all reassuring data, concerning certain types of Italian pasta considered worse than all those on the market. market. .

In our life we ​​are used to really eating everything and very often (if not always) we do it without worrying at all about the quality, but are we always sure of what we are ingesting? Unfortunately, throughout our existence, we do not always consume healthy elements of truly certified origin, because often the foods that we cook and consume are treated with certain substances that are not at all good for our health, namely pesticides. and many other harmful substances that only damage their goodness and authenticity.

Therefore, in order to inform the consumer about all this, so that he can avoid any repercussions on his health, it is extremely important that everyone knows which foods are really authentic and which ones are better avoided. Absolutely. Following this logic, in this article we want to put a special focus on the highly appreciated Italian pasta which is one of the most produced and consumed foods. According to the research conducted by the newspaper we were talking about earlier, terrifying and horrible news has emerged regarding the use of contaminated flour, as it contains a certain amount of pesticides and glyphosate.

The investigation looked at 24 different brands of Italian pasta, and as the research progressed the results became increasingly doomed, given that in some of the pasta examined not only was glyphosate found, but also glyphosate, certain microtoxins, in particular Deoxynivalenol, which represent a very serious risk for the physical health of all of us, especially if they are young children or the elderly.

Fortunately, the values ​​of these harmful substances are well below the maximum threshold foreseen and authorized by Italian law, but despite this, the tests also revealed the presence of more than two harmful substances in the same brand of pasta, and this means that is absolutely toxic. Indeed, experts tell us that, even if the values ​​are below the legal threshold, it is not healthy and reassuring to consume these foods.

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