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Rice is a food that is increasingly becoming part of the diet of many Italians. Initially it was a food that was used only by athletes, since it is able to provide a lot of mass and energy, but for some months now, also thanks to the summer months, it has become a food purchased by all segments of the population. Indeed, during the summer period, many prefer to eat fresh food, and many hot dishes are replaced by rice salads.

This type of salads are really very versatile, since they allow us to add practically any type of food we want without wasting time, since there are no long cooking and/or preparation times. . Although there are very few who know them all, there are many varieties of rice, the most famous of which are: arborio, carnaroli, parboiled, red, venus. The type to use is chosen according to the recipe you want to prepare: but don’t worry, all the information we need is indicated on the packaging.

A well-known magazine that deals with scientific dissemination in the food and culinary field, recently conducted an interview with regular consumers: it appeared that there are so many people who, taking advantage of the convenient vacuum packaging, buy , whenever prices allow , many rice packets of different types from those listed above. Very often, many find themselves, without realizing it, consuming expired rice, unaware of what might happen. We decided to ask this question to our experts, let’s see together what they answer.

Industry experts advise us to always observe the expiry date before consuming food. If this information eludes us, some elements of the beans themselves might alarm you. The most obvious are generally: the presence of insects or mould, the oily texture of the beans or even the deterioration of the box itself such as holes or humidity. If, on the other hand, we do not realize this and ingest expired rice, we must be careful.

Once stale, the rice is infested with mycotoxins mainly produced by fungi or moulds. These mycotoxins can induce intoxications in the human body that are recognized by: vomiting, nausea, abdominal pain, convulsions and, in severe cases, even coma, increased risk of cancer and weakening of the system immune. It is therefore really very risky to ingest expired food: obviously the risk increases in correlation with the time that elapses between the actual expiry date and the intake.

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