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In our country it is possible to cultivate a considerable number of fruit varieties, in fact it is a sector in continuous growth that employs about 100,000 people. One of the fruits that everyone loves but often avoid buying due to the difficulty of peeling it properly and me the pomegranate. It is a very nutritious fruit, as it contains both vitamin A and vitamin C, but it is also known for its anti-cancer properties.

It is a fruit that must be eaten raw: just take the beans and eat them or make a good fresh juice. Most consumers prefer to juice it because they can’t swallow the seeds, so they use a good juicer and, with a lot of patience, work up to the desired amount of pomegranate juice. According to what emerges from the opinion of nutritionist doctors, it is an almost miraculous fruit that, if taken daily, will improve many aspects of our body since it does not contain cholesterol, gluten and lactose .

In addition, it improves intestinal motility and blood pressure because it contains a lot of water and potassium. Nutritionists advise us to take pomegranate regularly both as a snack and as an accompaniment to lunch or even for breakfast. You can add it to a fruit salad, a cup of cereal or even a smoothie to enrich a plain yogurt. Grandmothers, especially from the South, passed on to us recipes for jams and, among many others, there is also that of pomegranate.

It is a simple and quick jam to prepare, but of great impact both nutritionally and in taste: they usually used it to garnish pies made with their precious hands, but also to add a pinch of flavor to a single slice of bread. . Many try to re-propose the simple-tasting recipe to savor the true memories of their childhood. Modern chefs, on the other hand, advise us to try pomegranate risotto: a dish with a delicate and refined taste.

As for more versatile recipes, they advise us to combine this fruit with leafy vegetables like cabbage. Nutritionists continue to affirm that it is really a versatile and tasty fruit, the only defect it has is that it really takes a lot of patience to peel it: it is undoubtedly a very monotonous and boring operation, but one could speed up the process by making four vertical cuts and then opening it up with the help of your hands.

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