“They will enter at 6”, bomb at GF Vip 7: Alfonso Signorini calls for reinforcements



From the beginning of GF Vip until today, there are 8 people who left home for different reasons. It’s time to call in reinforcements

It is not uncommon to see that, during the construction site, the reality TV host calls for reinforcements from outside. Also this year, new entries are expected and now they could change everyday life.

The presenter during one of the episodes (via WebSource)

More than a month has passed since the start of the GF Vip and those who have passed through the red door are 8, albeit for different reasons. Gegia, Cristina Quaranta and Amaurys left after the nomination, Giovanni Ciacci and Elenoire Ferruzzi exited with a flash televote set up for disciplinary action, Ginevra Lamborghini was disqualified and Sara Manfuso and Marco Bellavia retired.

Alfonso Signorini has called in his reinforcements: characters from the VIP world who will come in during the works to upset the daily lives of the other competitors. Davide Maggio is able to anticipate the entry of no less than 6 new Vippos, two of whom already know their identity. Once tempers have flattened out a bit, it’s time to bring in some smoldering characters that can give viewers a new dynamic.

GF Vip 7, Edoardo Tavassi and Luca Onestini ready for entry

Edoardo Tavassi (Facebook)

Edoardo Tavassi gave great moments at the Isola dei Famosi until the injury that forced him to abandon the reality show that he would, in all probability, have won. Luca Onestini, on the other hand, has already participated in the GF Vip, just like Pamela Prati and another opportunity is coming his way. These are the first two names that have emerged among the 6 that will enter the house of the GF Vip to upset the daily life of the Vippos already present.

A wise choice by the owner who is familiar with the smoking personalities of the two new transplants and, who knows, also of the remaining four. According to what was reported by Davide Maggio, the next contestants could enter as early as Thursday’s episode, inaugurating the month of November for the Vippos. It will be curious to understand the dynamics that the new 6 will create and there is even more expectation to know among the others, who still do not know each other, who moreover could give a hard time.

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