“They stole them from us”: Katia Ricciarelli and the “desperate” call



Katia Ricciarelli arrives at Storie Italiane and grants Eleonora Daniele, her charming host, one of the most popular in our country, an interview that is not at all obvious. On the other hand, her honesty is well known and even this time she has not – at all – forgotten it at home, quite the contrary!

Several topics were discussed in the morning talk show broadcast on Rai Uno: the love for José Carreras, that for Pippo Baudo, the commentary on the artistic career of certain artists… And not only… And so comes his call that did not – certainly – go unnoticed!

Katia Ricciarelli Solocine.it

Chapter relating to the three tenors whom the world envies us, one could say. They envy us all over the world, no need to deny it or circumvent it. But she, the splendid Katia, wanted to have her say on Gianluca Ginoble, Ignazio Boschetto and Piero Barone who, for their part, have been collecting compliments and successes for years, almost everywhere. The artist decided to question and criticize the artistic choice for which they opted, that is to say to prefer a work on the pop side to the detriment of the lyrical which would be more in their heart.

His bitter statement on Il Volo

“I’m sorry that there are three voices that have been ‘stolen’ from melodrama. They make pop, they chose that path,” the soprano said bluntly, shedding a lot of light on it with a tip. In short, in short, according to his thoughts, Il Volo would be wasted for pop music.

“I think with my head, my world is melodrama, I did pop later, a little something. They stole them from us”, then reiterated with more enthusiasm the woman, who then spoke about her long love, which lasted 13 years with Carreras. “I know I was betrayed and then I didn’t want to be a girlfriend for life,” revealed the huge artist in this regard.

The revelation about Diana you didn’t expect

After the love affair with Carreras was faked, Pippo Baudo materialized in Ricciarelli’s life. And with him came the long-dreamed and longed-for wedding, but although it also lasted a long time, it unfortunately ended. But today, after years of skirmishes, the two are on excellent terms. “Hi Pippo, please always fit and we all love you”, was the kind greeting sent by Katia live from the Italian Stories studio to her ex-husband who today would have health problems.

Katia Ricciarelli Solocine.it

Eleonora Daniele then recalled that the Venetian singer, on several occasions, performed before the legendary royal family. The soprano recalled – at that time – that Charles III had a great passion for opera, unlike his ex-wife, the late Lady Diana. The princess – apparently – had other preferences! “She preferred pop music. A tall woman, a little rebellious. Let’s just say he didn’t follow the rules. He preferred to see Elton John, those in short, ”revealed Ricciarelli.

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