“They are leaving the Ladies’ Paradise”: viewers in tears for farewell



Two protagonists of Il Paradiso delle Signore leave the soap opera. Viewers ready to burst into tears for the unexpected farewell.

Ladies heaven is set to return with plenty of twists. Indeed, viewers will have to say goodbye to two of the most beloved protagonists: the episode that could leave everyone in tears.

The cast of the Rai soap opera (Via WebSource)

In the latest issue of Di Più Tv, the first previews of new episodes of Il Paradiso delle Signore have appeared. According to the weekly dedicated to television and gossip, the future of Salvatore, Anna and Quinto in the soap opera is now marked. There will be no love triangle in the following months, since in a few episodes Imbriani and her first husband will leave the scene for good. To reveal it, it is the actress Giulia Vecchio who will provide the sensational advances.

In fact, at first Anna, after having freed Quinto in Venezuela, thinks of remaining in the arms of Salvatore, whom she married in second weddings, unaware of the misadventure of the former storekeeper of the Paradise of the Ladies. Quinto will accept this choice but instead of going to Genoa, as agreed, he asks the woman to let him see his daughter again. At this point, Salvatore and Anna will allow Quinto to see their daughter at least from a distance. So there will be a poignant clash where the two are moved and there will be a last hug.

Le Paradis des Dames, Anna and Quinto are back together: all the previews

Ladies’ Paradise, Anna Imbriani (Giulia Vecchio) and Salvatore Amato (Emanuel Caserio). Photo © Rai.

Then the bartender in extreme pain will understand this and Anna will never love him like he loves Quinto and makes it clear to him. Anna tries to change his mind but Amato is adamant. During her interview with Di Più TV, Giulia Vecchio then confessed: “Salvatore is categorical, he specifies that Quinto is no longer the past, it is too cumbersome a present. Quintus arrives shortly after, and Salvatore tells him as well as Anna: “You love each other, you will be happy. I take a step back”.

But not only, in fact Giulia Vecchio also revealed that it was she who wanted to leave the series, specifying: “They offered me two other fictions and it was not possible to do everything at the same time. Paradise was my first experience on TV, it taught me the importance of forming a group with everyone, actors and non-actors, to do the best job possible and to instill a good atmosphere on the set. At the same time in the next episodes there should be a momentary return of Cristiano Caccamo, who after having participated in the Paradis des Dames during the first two seasons never returned to the set until this sudden resurrection.

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