“They apologize to Totti”, storm at the GF Vip: the official press release



A real storm hit the GF Vip from the moment Francesco Totti’s name was mentioned: outside the house it’s chaos

Not so long ago, Antonella Fiordelisi confided to others that she had been contacted by Francesco Totti to whom she never replied. His assertion caused a stir, especially on the web.

The name of who will triumph in the reality show revealed (via WebSource)

Just a few days ago, Antonella Fiordelisi did not hide a fact that happened with a very hot name right now. The showgirl notably told in the garden that she had been contacted by Francesco Totti. At the moment, the name of the Pupone is very upset after the breakup with Ilary Blasi and the open relationship with Noemi Bocchi who is close to the Captain tries to protect him as much as possible.

Among these is Alex Nuccetelli, Totti’s best friend, who has always been close to him. And it was he who also commented on this alleged message that his friend allegedly sent to the GF Vip showgirl. His remarks, however, did not have particular sympathy for the legal team of Fiordelisi who retorted on Instagram.

Antonella Fiordelisi responds through lawyers: an apology is required

On Instagram, Antonella Fiordelisi’s legal team did not wait a moment before issuing an official statement: “Dear Mr. Nuccetelli, it’s too easy to offend and call a liar a girl who at this moment can’t answer and who made his personal confidence during a reality show Since the confidence relates to a simple “request for messages” on Instagram by Mr. Francesco Totti, if you are so sure, as you you said, that Dr. Antonella Fiordelisi lied and that she has no proof of what she claims, then you are asked, in your capacity as spokesperson for Mr. Totti (as you defined yourself ), to ask Mr. Totti to ALLOW THE SCREEN CAPTURE of his “message request”.

The legal team was particularly fierce: “If Mr. Totti is sure that he has never sent anything to Dr. Fiordelisi, he will certainly not be afraid to give his authorization to publish, even via social networks. . If this authorization does not arrive, then an official apology from Mr. Totti, also through you, Mr. Nuccetelli, for the defamatory condemnations, however aggravated by the press, against Dr. Fiordelisi, condemnations never denied by Mr. Totti who , therefore, by his silence, confirmed and endorsed these sentences, which were undoubtedly harmful to honor and reputation. If even an apology does not arrive, we will pursue legal action against both him and Mr. Francesco Totti.”

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