These zodiac signs never cheat! Which are they?



Betrayal in the broad sense of the term affects all of us to some degree, and includes a series of negative behaviors that lead to “failure” in all respects, mainly social, in positions and choices that are also very entrenched. taken in the past. It all depends on the context, but in any case those who cheat are considered in a tendentially negative way, while the sentimental/love context is a special case, where betrayal is perceived as an eventuality that at least each of us has been afraid of. to suffer. While almost everyone is theoretically ready to cheat, for some people it’s almost impossible: which zodiac signs don’t cheat?

These zodiac signs never cheat! Which are they?


It’s a kind of paradox, especially in the sentimental sphere: Cancer is not without flaws and uses lies a lot, but when it comes to personal matters, he barely “fails” and betrays trust. of those who really care. He will always prefer to accept an uncomfortable truth rather than a comfortable lie, especially in the personal sphere. Think 100 times before cheating.


A selective profile like Scorpio can only appear in the rankings. Scorpio is easy to disappoint because he is very attentive to what he really appreciates and loves but always responds when it is necessary to emphasize his loyalty not only “to the cause” but also to his partner. The thought of cheating does not seem to be part of Scorpio’s “vocabulary”.


Pisces knows very well the negative effects of a betrayal, so very often he does not even think to take this hypothesis into consideration, even when it is within his reach. It is a sensitive and empathetic profile, which is why it is very difficult to see Pisces “deviating” from a notion of stability and fidelity. He must be in a very frustrating situation to “fail”.

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