These Are the Worst Three-Wheelers Ever Made



Photo: Starysatyr via Wikimedia Commons

“Behold the Dymaxion. Might be a car, might be a bus, but it was weird.

“Buckminster Fuller came up this, with a promise that it might someday grow wings and fly or maybe be able to be a boat. Then it’d solve all the world’s problems.

“But the problem was, it wasn’t actually great at being a car. It was actually terrible at being a car. Engine in the back with front wheel drive was a bold move. The rear wheel steered, but not well at high speeds. Also tended to get some lift and rock and roll at high speeds (over like 30MPH).

“Only three were made and one killed a driver in a crash. So the safety record is probably the worst of any of the cars on the list.

“But dang if it didn’t look cool and it could do donuts like you wouldn’t believe.”

Honestly, this rules. Despite its issues, I love it with all my heart and now want to track one down, buy it and spend the rest of my days living out the back of it while traveling the world. Goodbye, Jalopnik.

Suggested by: Jester6642

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