These Are The Worst Things You Left on Your Roof



Photo: Phil Barker/Future Publishing (Getty Images)

“I needed to send it, so I ordered a delivery company to pick it up from work before 2pm. They weren’t there at 2pm and at 2:30 I had to go, so I tried to call to see where they were. The call got answered by a computer that asked for an order number consisting of 37 digits and letters (ok, maybe it was 12). Problem is, the computer spoke Spanish and while I speak decent Spanish, the computer did not recognize my pronunciation. So I tried 154 times ( ok, maybe eight). One time I managed to pass the hurdle and navigate the menu and talk to a human when I got disconnected.

“I gave up, had to go. I always have the car key in my pocket, but for some reason it was in my bag. And it found the way to the bottom of course. So I put the iPad on the roof, fished for the keys, got into the car and drove off. After 50 meters or so, I heard a strange sound. Luckily I checked my mirrors so I could see the box tumbling down the road.

“Gladly I packed it well and it survived without damage. Went to a post office which had humans behind the counter and it arrived on time at its destination.”

From 37, “OK, maybe it was 12″ to 154 “OK, maybe it was eight” I’m suspicious that this story should actually have been about an iPad (OK, maybe it was a notebook).

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