These Are the Weirdest Things You’ve Seen at a Car Dealer



Photo: Gado (Getty Images)

“I had a 3-month car sales career but in those three months, man, the shit I saw.

“A salesperson got fired because he took a used Lexus out for lunch to the local Chuck-e-cheese, literally because he said he wanted to ‘snatch up a MILF.’

“The same salesperson apparently thinks it’s appropriate to turn on the seat heater for a customer and ask “how your aaassssssssss feel?”

“Someone’s old beater broke down in the middle of a busy intersection by our showroom and its engine bay caught fire. Our used car sales manager demanded that we help the owner to push the car onto our lot as we were running a ‘push/pull or drag Cash-for-Clunkers event’ five years after C4C actually ended and he was a potential lead.

“A customer came in with a lease return Forester – his lease was three years/36,000 miles and he’d put 98,000 miles on it. I got to be the guy who broke the news to him as to how boned he was.

“So many 18 year olds who genuinely think we’re going to let them test drive our WRX STI/Evo X MR/Viper when they rock up with two giggling buddies and reek of weed.

“Oh, and since then? A VW dealership in the midwest thinking they can get $10k ADM on a fucking iD4.”

You’ve just read exactly what I’ve just read, right? Dealers sound gross.

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