These Are The Most Successful Formula 1 Cars of All Time



Photo: Emmanuel Dunand/AFP (Getty Images)

Formula 1 is a funny sport. While some fans celebrate the heroes in the driving seat for their masterful on-track action, others will argue that they’re only as successful as their last car. And in a year that has seen Red Bull driver Max Verstappen set records, that similar mantra of “it’s all because of his car” is being batted around again.

So, if we focus just on the cars for a second, what is the most successful F1 racer in history? If you look at the wins that teammates racked up in the same car over a year (or two), there have been some pretty dominant machines in Formula 1’s 72-year-history.

We trawled through the history books, counted up the race wins and compiled a list of the most dominant F1 cars of all time. To do this, we didn’t just look at the number of race wins. Instead, we figured out the percentage of victories taken from the number of races each car entered.

So, sit back, relax and see if you can guess which F1 racer has a 100 percent win record.

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