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These Are the Most Beautiful Cars You’ve Owned



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Photo: inkiboo, CC BY 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

I grew up in the 80’s and 90’s so instead of pining for a European coupe or muscle car from the 60’s or early 70’s was never really a priority for me. With that said, I have been privileged to own some great cars since buying my first performance car in the early aughts.

With that said, it is a tossup for me – I find two of the three cars sitting in my garage incredibly beautiful. My daily driver is an A7 PHEV in dark blue and while I typically do not find most modern cars as appealing from cars that are 10-30 years old, the side profile of a large hatchback is incredibly fetching. The A7, in my opinion, is the best looking semi-attainable (not 6-figures) 4-door on the market today.

The only car of its kind that I find more attractive is the previous model. Aside from the added cargo benefit, I have always felt that sleek hatches look way better than sedans.

Sitting in a detached garage across from the A7 is an E39 M5 in LeMans Blue.

Most can agree that BMW’s designs from the late 90’s early aughts were among its best and one could easily argue that the E39 5-series is one of the best looking sedans ever made. It is simple, elegant, and muscular all at the same time and I love the subtle hints of the M’s prowess instead of the crazy spoilers, grills, and diffusers on today’s M cars. It doesn’t hurt that LeMans blue is one of the best colors to show off this great-looking body.

I’ve long held that silver is the proper color for the E39, because BMW’s marketing worked a little too well on me in my youth, but I may have to make an exception for Le Mans Blue.

Submitted by: oddseth

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