These 2 euro coins are worth up to 2,000 euros: do you have them too?



There are 2 euro coins on the market which can be worth 2,000 euros on the numismatic market: what is it?

The numismatics market is still one of the most profitable in the world of collecting. In fact, today we are going to see all these two euro coins that can be worth up to 2,000 euros: all the details.

What are the two most valuable euro coins on the market (Via Screenshot Subito)

We often have 2 euro coins at home which are actually worth much more. This was stated by Flooxer Now which, by consulting some experts in the sector, was able to identify the currently most valuable commemorative coins of the Old Continent. Among the most precious, in fact, there is also a coin from the Principality of Monaco in which the actress Grace Kelly is paid homage.

These coins in question have a value that can vary from 15 to more than two thousand euros. For this reason, we often have to check the coins we have in our pockets, which could be worth an unexpected treasure. In addition, the most prestigious could be linked to special events. The Flooxer Now therefore asked to identify the most valuable, asking for the characteristics that distinguish them.

2 euro coins worth 2 thousand euros: the complete list

euro coins (via Pixabay)

Often in the 2 euro coins we can see that one side is the same throughout the European Union and the other is different from country to country. This last face is of interest to collectors around the world and numismatic experts. According to some research, 4 variants attributable to euro coins pass through Europe to which must be added some of the commemorative coins.

For example, the currency that San Marino minted in 2004 after joining the euro has a value ranging from 130 to 200 euros. While the token minted by the Vatican in 2005 to celebrate Youth Day can be worth up to 300 euros. Then there are some sensational errors, which however can pay more than the value of the coin itself. In fact, in 2009, Spain minted 100,000 coins with an error in the design of the European stars and today these coins are worth 20 euros each.

In 2007, Slovenia minted 40,000 €2 coins to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Treaties of Rome and each token is worth €50. Whereas in 2011, to celebrate the elections, Malta minted special coins which today are worth between 15 and 25 euros. The most valuable, however, is the coin minted by the Principality of Monaco to celebrate Grace Kelly. Indeed, there are only 2,000 copies of the token in honor of the actress and they have a value ranging from 2,000 to 2,500 euros.

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