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The worst movie ideas of the 2000s



The idea behind the Worst Ideas for Movies column – now reaching its second edition (you can see the first one below at the link) – isn’t to debate whether these movies are good or bad. We are sure that many of them can have their fans. After all, even the world’s worst movie will find a defender. It’s about analyzing how bizarre, if not bizarre and absurd the plots of certain films are, which amaze us to know that they really went ahead and ended up being produced and released in rooms. This is the case with that idea of ​​jerico that you tell your friend and he automatically thinks it’s a bad idea. Well, in Hollywood there’s always someone who believes it can work. Well what we can say is that in these cases it hardly ever works. Check out the worst movie ideas of the 2000s.

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Without Jim Carrey in the process, the “solution” was to appeal (and a lot) to the atmosphere of the cartoon.

“A Máskara film without Jim Carrey?” No, thank you. ”That’s what most fans and the majority of the public thought of the idea of ​​a continuation of the beloved O Máskara (1994), a critical and box office sensation that contributed to solidify the special computer effects and career of Jim Carrey. in Hollywood. The Maskara is Carrey, everything else would suffer in comparison. So in addition to “doing harm” with a second film without Carrey, characters without charisma and Graceless were also added, turning O Filho do Máskara, from 2005, into a children’s feature film and practically a cartoon without any human identification. In this way the film lived to become the 10th worst film of all. times on IMDB.

I declare them husband and … Larry

Bad joke. Adam Sandler’s film encourages people to laugh at prejudices against same-sex couples.

The title here could well be “Homophobia – The Movie”! That Adam Sandler’s productions often tend to cross the line from the acceptable to falling into complete bad taste is nothing new. Grotesque jokes, making fun of people with physical and mental disabilities, sex with older women, among others, are part of the comedian’s repertoire. But maybe no other movie in your collection has aged as badly as this I Declare You Husband and … Larry, 2007. The story tells the story of two macho firefighters who need to get together. pretend to be a gay couple to hit the insurance company and receive their pension from one of them. The main problem here is that the film treats homosexuality as something disgusting, ridiculous and hilarious, making a big mistake in the post.

Halloween – Resurrection

Kiss of death. Jamie Lee Curtis found a way to get rid of this movie …

You can’t believe that after the big Halloween H20 (1998) reboot, the producers decided to do it! Before even introducing us to the main plot of this 2002 film, Michael Myers is finally sending Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) once and for all, and in a very anticlimactic way. So, I’m already wrong. Then we realized that the start was not that bad in comparison, when we came across such a stupid story that quickly went out of style. This was the beginning of the style of found pictures and also reality shows. Here, killing two birds with one stone, the story merges these two elements into its plot. The “genius” producers of a television show decide to do a reality show inside Michael’s house, with a dub to scare the attendees. And of course, the real Myers appears. To top the icing on the cake, who could forget the kung fu scene when Busta Rhymes hits the killer? Thunderclap thing.

Bullock saw an unhinged woman chasing a man (Cooper) across the country. Who thought it was a good idea?

Released in 2009, it was the infamous film that earned protagonist Sandra Bullock a well-deserved “Golden Raspberry” as Worst Actress of the Year, the night before her peak Oscar praise for A Dream Possible. We don’t really know where the star was with his head when he agreed to star in this “romantic comedy” about a mentally unhinged woman, chasing a CNN cameraman (role of Bradley Cooper) across the United States for to have believed that it was her true love. Detail, the guy doesn’t want anything to do with her. This is another one that could change its title to “Harassment – The Movie”. A little girl”.

Lit on you

The Siamese Brothers are the protagonists of another politically incorrect film by the Farrelly Brothers.

Like Adam Sandler, the Farrelly brothers have always conducted their directorial careers using a lot of politically incorrect humor. When we migrate to a time when crime is no longer fun or acceptable, at a politically correct time, these features quickly become obsolete. This is the case of this Ligado em Você 2003, with Matt Damon and Greg Kinnear (with the participation of Eva Mendes and Cher), which bases its entire repertoire of jokes on the condition of the protagonists, Siamese twins linked by the waist and the back. . You could even say that the intention was to demonstrate the possibility of a normal life for people like that, which is even a positive message, but the movie just isn’t funny – which becomes deadly for a comedy. .

No, it’s not that type of movie with Paris Hilton. It’s even worse …

The idea without any clue here is not to have the double actress patricinha stunt Paris Hilton as the protagonist. It’s about having a story that has its heart totally in the wrong place. The plot is silly and basic and is about the character of Hilton agreeing to let a boy fall in love with her on the condition that the guy has a suitor for his best friend June, a young girl, say, lacking in physical beauty. Again, this is another movie whose incorrect jokes focus only on the fitness of this friend, who is even a good person, while the futility of the Barbie Hilton man is treated as a reward. and a privilege. The detail is that the actress under the makeup is the beautiful Christine Lakin. For these reasons and more, this 2008 film is number 7 of the worst ever made on IMDB.

Larry the Cable Guy dressed as Carmen Miranda. It’s hilarious, isn’t it?

He’s another member of the “I can’t believe they gave this guy a movie” group. Much like the Carrot Top mentioned above about the worst ideas of ’90s movies, here we have a comedian who has had some success in his presentations with, say, eccentric style. Larry the Cable Guy, or “Larry, the Cable TV Installer,” is exactly what his name describes, a sort of caipirão who was part of a group of eponymous proletarian comedians. In other words, simple subjects that have taken grace in everyday situations of the lower white class (the so-called “white trash”). It might have worked on stage, but that doesn’t mean it works in theaters. However, it was no obstacle for the producers to star him in his own film. To make matters worse, this 2006 film places him in the position of health inspector in a large city, looking for food contamination at the source. Could it work?

Teenage muse Amanda Bynes found the donkeys in the water and ended up disappearing.

We just know by watching certain movie posters, trailers, or just reading their synopsis, what will or won’t work. What ideas are too bad for revenge. Young Amanda Bynes has certainly seen the sunniest days of her career. She had her own TV show as a teenager (some actually) and even starred in some “presentable” movies in theaters. But that feature of 2005 is level glass on the front. Connects to this plot: Bynes plays a fan in love with a rock singer, whom he is lucky enough to meet at a station. On a boat trip, the worst happens and the two find themselves shipwrecked on a desert island. Is the Blue Lagoon? Is this Castaway? No, it’s the day of a screenwriter out of the brain. It turns out that the young girl discovers that the island was nothing more than a beach a little further from the resort, but refuses to tell her crush the truth, in the hope that they can. spend more time alone. It is psychological abuse in the form of romance. Isn’t that beautiful?

An exhilarating scene from the seventh art …

The title of this 2009 film says it all. Recommended only for those who enjoy disgusting and disgusting scenes, have a morbid curiosity, etc., the film has been banned in several countries, quickly entering the blacklist as one of the most controversial and disturbing films of these last years. It is also one of the most despicable. The story of the film takes a turn into the sub-genre of pornographic torture and tells of two friends lost on their way to a party, stumbling into a house where they decide to stop for help. There, to the bad luck of the girls, they cross paths with a mad scientist, who kidnaps them. After kidnapping another boy, he decides to complete his hateful experiment of sewing the trio, from head to toe (literally). Does this atrocity have fans? I wouldn’t be surprised.

Take the nose. Christina Ricci saw “beauty and the beast” in one character.

Actress Reese Witherspoon has also become a respected producer in the Hollywood industry, with her company Hello Sunshine. These include the production of rented series like Big Little Lies, The Morning Show and Small Fires Everywhere, and films like Exemplary and Free Girl. But going back to 2006, we found the first time that the actress produced a movie completely. And the choice was made by Penelope, a sort of female beauty and the beast, which sounds like an adaptation of a book, but it’s an original story. Penelope is a rich and cursed young woman with a pig’s nose (?!), Whom she hides with rags and shawls. Your condition will be reversed as soon as you find true love that accepts you as it is. Much like the Disney classic, but worn in the present day in a, say, porcine way. Do you win the WTF Prize or not? Ah yes, who plays this cute oinc-oinc is Christina Ricci.

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