“The Woman at the Window”: Didn’t you understand the film? We explain!



In the new Netflix thriller, “ The Woman in the Window, ” Amy Adams plays Anna Fox, a New Yorker with agoraphobia syndrome, when the victim is terrified of visiting new or crowded places.

In the plot, she lives spying outside her house and ends up witnessing a murder at her neighbor’s house across the street.

But, after calling the police, it is revealed that the victim – Jane Russell – is not only doing well, but is a woman with a completely different appearance (initially played by Julianne Moore and then by Jennifer Jason Leigh).

Directed by Joe Wright and based on the novel of the same name by AJ Finn, the film presents several different possibilities for what could happen.

Could the second Jane Russell be an impostor who is part of a plot to cover up the murder of the real Jane?

Is Anna’s tenant David (Wyatt Russell) somehow linked to the murder? Or was there really no murder? Was it just a hallucination caused by Anna’s daily drinks mixed with medicine?

Some fans have suspected this latest theory when it is revealed that Anna’s husband and daughter are dead … However, she was living on the phone talking to them. Was she hallucinating?

Years before the main plot, Anna had caused a car accident, in which she alone was left alive, losing those close to her, and everything suggests that she had blocked this event so as not to suffer the loss of those who were left behind. ‘she liked the most.

This conflict is added precisely to project viewers with doubt about Anna’s sanity. How could she convince the authorities that the murder had actually taken place if Jane was apparently okay?

Remembering the death of her family and feeling disoriented by Jane’s appearance, Anna makes the decision to overdose suicide, abusing her controlled drugs with a wine drunk.

But in the end, it’s the photo of a cat that ends up clarifying part of the mystery.

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Anna pauses in her suicide plans when she realizes that a photo of her cat, Punch, also shows the reflection of the real Jane in a glass of wine, as they spent a night talking.

Still confused, Anna asks David to confirm that he can see the face in the glass, and he reveals the truth about the first Jane Russell (Moore).

Her name is Katie and she is the biological mother of Ethan Russell (Fred Hechinger), a teenage boy who befriends Anna.

Katie lost custody of Ethan as a baby, after Alistair Russell (Gary Oldman) found the two living in a “ cracolândia ” and decided to take the child with him.

Although Alistair tried to pay her to stay away from her family, she located them in Boston and continued to pursue them when they moved to New York.

Another interesting detail is that Anna remembered Katie posing as Jane. But in fact, it was Anna herself who thought Katie was Jane, thinking she lived in the real Jane’s house.

Katie simply accepted this misunderstanding after learning that Anna had befriended her son, so she wanted to approach Anna by accepting his invitation to speak.

The error was reinforced when Katie entered the Russell Building after leaving Anna’s house. Later, what Anna interpreted as a domestic feud between Alistair and Jane Russell was actually Alistair forcing Katie out of her house after her last attempt to approach Ethan.

Unfortunately, it was Katie’s love for her son that condemned her … So who killed her?

Anna witnesses Katie’s murder through the windows of the Russell House, which is crucial for her interpretation of what happened, as the killer was hidden from view.

When Anna witnesses the attack, she can only see Katie, who she thought was Jane, walking between two windows separated by a section of wall.

The killer is never shown, but Anna imagines that Alistair was the killer. After all, Ethan looked like a kind and vulnerable boy, while Alistair Russell was reserved and interacted aggressively with Katie the last time Anna saw them.

The truth is, Ethan is a serial killer who had already murdered at least one other woman before Katie: Alistair Russell’s assistant, Pamela Nazin.

Alistair and Jane knew Ethan was Pamela’s killer and moved from Boston to New York to start a new life.

They were only there a few days before Ethan killed Katie, and once again they were forced to cover up the murder to protect him.

But while Alistair would do anything to protect her son, Jane Russell wasn’t too keen on having a killer as a stepson, which sparked a heated argument over dinner which Anna witnessed.

Ethan befriended Anna just to analyze her and tried to make her his next victim due to her vulnerability and isolation.

Remember when Katie and Alistair are confused when Anna tries to thank Jane Russell for the scented candle she allegedly sent? Ethan made up the story of his mother sending him a gift to meet the new neighbor.

In fact, it was Ethan who bought the candle, as a way to get into Anna’s house and steal a bunch of keys so he could come in and out whenever he wanted. As Anna never left the house, she didn’t realize the keys were missing.

Having her house invaded by Ethan, Anna decides to live or die, and the only way to live is to leave her apartment. Then she faces her fear and goes to the roof, where she fights the killer.

She manages to knock him down on a glass ceiling, running away and killing him once and for all. After that, Jane Russell decides to tell the police everything.

The film ends with a nine-month jump and we see Anna healed, not only of her physical injuries, but also of her agoraphobia syndrome.

Some moviegoers criticized the move, but it’s worth clarifying that Anna was forced to leave home to save her own life and the fight with Ethan was just the first step towards her recovery.

She probably spent those nine months in intensive therapy to get rid of agoraphobia, which was caused by her refusal to accept that outside the home she would feel lonely without her husband and daughter.

Recognizing the source of her trauma allowed her to begin to heal, and the scene in which Anna says goodbye to her house suggests that agoraphobia was not motivated by her fear of the outside, but by the fear of losing. his connection to his family.

So what did you think of the film?

In the plot, Anna Fox (Adams) lives alone in a house that once housed her happy family. Separated from her husband and daughter and suffering from an agoraphobia that keeps her lonely, she spends her days drinking wine, watching old movies, talking to strangers on the Internet.

When a new family moves into the house across the park, Anna is obsessed with this perfect life. Until one night, snooping through her camera, she sees a murder that changes everything forever.

But did she actually witness the crime or did she create it in her mind?

The cast also includes Gary Oldman, Brian Tyree Henry, Julianne Moore, Wyatt Russell and Anthony Mackie.

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