The Wholesome Moment an Italian Boy is Politely Invited to Peer Inside His Dream Sports Car



“Attenzione!” calls an Italian father to his young boy, who was eagerly peering inside the coach of a jet black Lamborghini parked in a quaint Italian mountain town.

The father had seen owner was approaching, and he was surely feeling a little vergogno, an Italian word for a kind of embarrassment, as his son looked into the car uninvited.

The owner, proving politeness has a magic of its own, encouraged the boy to come inside the car and check it out and snagged a cell video of his reaction.

Che bella”—”how beautiful,” the boy can be heard saying. Finishing a quick look around at the fiery orange interior, the boy turns and says “I like your car!”

“So careful, so polite and so much wonder and amazement in his face. Truly adorable kid!” a Redditor commented.

Another said “I don’t know who is it more wholesome for: the excited kid, the dad being happy and thankful, or the guy being able to do such thing.”

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