The web’s most iconic grandmother has passed away: goodbye Rosetta. Bitter tears of fans



A death that marks an entire web generation: farewell to Rosetta who has become, over the years, the grandmother of all her fans

His goodbyes are difficult to digest and after the announcement on social networks, where he built his notoriety, condolences came from people who work between Instagram, TikTok and YouTube, but also from all his “nephews”.


Born in 1933 in San Giorgio a Cremano, Grandmother Rosetta joined the Casa Surace team 7 years ago, quickly becoming everyone’s grandmother. Her authenticity, depicting a typical southern grandmother, has made tenderness in the hearts of many grandchildren who have or were lucky enough to have a grandmother like her. The news of his death was given by the official page of Casa Surace which, still in tears, unfortunately had to communicate his disappearance.

There are many videos in which Grandmother Rosetta took part and in which she represented the grandmother of Italy, before and after the Covid period, putting on pretty theaters with her social “grandchildren” who are part of the big beloved family on the web. Precisely because of the great notoriety gained on the web, in addition to the usual fans, many personalities from the world of Instagram, TikTok, YouTube have joined in condolences, where Grandma Rosetta’s soul will always be alive.

Grandmother Rosetta died in Casa Surace: the last farewell of the great family

“Goodbye Grandma. We call you grandma because to all of us you were truly a grandma, as well as our best friend. And today, those who offer us their condolences make us smile through tears, as if we were all your grandchildren,” and thus the passing of the sweet 89-year-old who entertained many fans. was announced from Casa Surace’s official Instagram and Facebook profile. .

The large digital family wanted to leave him with one last memory: “We are sure that you are now somewhere preparing a sauce that will pippitier for as many hours as you wish, and we greet you with the last words that you you said for our big family: ‘Stattackort’.
We are aware, don’t worry. Goodbye Grandma Rosetta”.

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