The weather, the cold and the rains return to the peninsula: where they will strike



On the peninsula, the weather situation continues to vary. In fact, in the next few hours, a new eruption of cold is expected: what is happening?

The Italian weather situation is destined to change and is finally ready to embrace the first autumn colds. In fact, a disturbance from Russia will bring the rains back to the country: where they will hit.

How the weather situation on the peninsula varies (Via Pixabay)

Russia’s first cold raid is also set to appear in Italy. This is the interesting projection that has emerged over the past few hours immediately past the midpoint of the month with the large hemispheric-scale moves that could favor the arrival of a powerful cold wave descending from Russia. From a climatic point of view, these last weeks of November represent the transition phase between autumn and winter, with the first cold incursions from northern Europe and the snow slowly beginning to color the mountains.

In this period, the average temperature of Italian cities suffers a significant drop, to say the least, despite the fact that we are returning from a period of abnormal heat. The forecast for the second half of the month is therefore frightening in winter. The hypothesis, all to be confirmed, is that from Wednesday 16 a mass of cold air of Arctic origin could first slide towards central-eastern Europe, then also target Italy. Obviously, a vertical drop in temperatures will follow. So let’s find out what will happen in the next 24 hours.

Weather, in a few hours everything changes: the cold returns to Italy

How the weather changes over the country (via Pixabay)

Italy is therefore on the eve of the very controversial changing of the guard which will replace the African summer high of the last 20 days with an autumnal low pressure vortex. Indeed, the core of marine polar air which will form it has just moved away from Greenland. In the first phase the regions of the centre-north will be involved, in the second those of the south and still part of the Centre. Let’s see in detail now what is happening in the three main sectors of the peninsula.

Over the northern regions of Italy, we will have very cloudy skies with widespread rain and showers throughout the area. These phenomena will also be widespread in upper Lombardy and Triveneto, with snow in the Alps from 1300m. While from the west we will have sunny spells in the afternoon. Temperatures will drop, with highs ranging from 15 to 20 degrees.

On the other hand, over the regions of central Italy, we will have cloudy skies with conditions of marked instability associated with widespread rains and thunderstorms. Locally these phenomena will also be strong. Thermal values ​​will drop sharply, with highs ranging from 16 to 21 degrees.

Finally, over the regions of southern Italy, we will have cloudy skies. In addition, also in the southern sector we will have widespread local phenomena, especially over Campania, Sardinia, Lucania and Sicily. Here too we will also have thermal values ​​​​that will range from 20 to 26 degrees.

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