The weather forecast, by Halloween in Italy, summer returns: crazy temperatures



The weather forecast, between now and Halloween in Italy, summer returns: crazy temperatures. From today and for the whole week, the column goes up

Record bills and rationed gasoline? If it had been a normal fall so far, the risk would have been very high. But it really seems that the abnormal off-season summer does not want to leave us and so we will spend Halloween with the sun because from today the weather changes again.

Weather, summer returns to Italy by Halloween (Pexels)

Indeed, the disturbance of October 6 will quickly leave the northern regions to move towards the nations of Eastern Europe. Thus will begin a clear improvement in weather conditions with the last rains that will affect the Northeast. The situation will improve further in the following days when the North African high pressure will make itself felt again.

From the middle of the week across Italy we will find conditions of atmospheric stability and abnormal heat for the season with temperatures beyond the norm. A phenomenon that will occur especially in the central and northern regions. And in the Alps, the freezing point will return to approach 4000 meters.

The weather, from here to Halloween in Italy returns in summer: the column returns above 30°

Going into detail, the Scipione anticyclone will return to make itself felt with all its power in the northern regions, but only from tomorrow. Today, however, will be a day characterized by overcast or very cloudy skies over all regions. In the morning in particular dense fog over Piedmont and intense rainfall over Friuli Venezia Giulia. Some thunderstorms could also wet the Ligurian Riviera of Levante. It will improve further in the afternoon. Maximum temperatures will range from 18° in Aosta and Turin to 25° in Bologna.

In the center and over Sardinia, on the other hand, the Scipione anticyclone is about to unleash its full power. Sky therefore cloudy over Tuscany, Umbria, Lazio and Marche, especially on the Tyrrhenian coasts while elsewhere we will have more sun. Maximum values ​​between 23° in Perugia and 27° in Rome. But in Sardinia they could even exceed 30°. Weather, still hot in Italy (ANSA)

Finally, in the South, a day of good weather with a generally clear or partly cloudy sky over all regions because Scipione has already arrived here. Temperatures range from mild to hot, with maximum values ​​between 24° in Potenza and 28° in Bari. As above, in Sicily the column risks exceeding 30°.

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