The war drama starring Jennifer Lawrence makes its streaming debut with 85% approval ratings on RT!



“Passage,” a drama starring Oscar-winning actress Jennifer Lawrence, has already hit the Apple TV+ catalog and met with considerable acclaim from international critics.

The production earned an 85% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes, with a rating of 7/10 based on 71 reviews. By general consensus, the film “presents a moderate perspective on the searing effects of trauma, led by chilling performances from Lawrence and Brian Tyree Henry.”

Check out the main comments:

“It’s a well-acted and mature film, even when it feels a little lighthearted” – The MacGuffin.

“All metaphorical meaning is left to the viewer, who will be too busy enjoying the great performances to overthink” – Boston Globe.

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“The intimacy of the film, combined with the high quality of the performances, sets it apart” – Aisle Seat.

“[O filme] does not innovate, but is modestly effective thanks to its compassion for the characters” – KKFI-KM.

“A quiet, understated drama that doesn’t advertise itself in any specific way, but has a way of getting closer to you…” – Detroit News.

Remember the trailer:

The film marks the directorial debut of Lila Neugebauer. Otessa Moshfegh, Luke Goebel and Elizabeth Sanders are writing the screenplay.

In the plot, Lawrence plays Lynsey, an American soldier who recently returned to his hometown of New Orleans after suffering a brain injury while serving in Afghanistan. Formerly a member of the US Army Corps of Engineers, Lynsey returns from the war for another battle – facing her neglectful mother and her demons from the past. Unable to function 100% on her own due to a brain injury, Lynsey finds herself in a dark place during her rehabilitation and considers returning to the military. When she meets James (Brian Tyree Henry), the two unwittingly bond over their pasts and their trauma.

Linda Emond, Jayne Houdyshell, Stephen McKinley Henderson, Frederick Weller, Russell Harvard, Neal Huff and others are also in the cast.

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