The usual stranger, Amadeus snubs a competitor: forced to apologize



The conductor of the Soliti Ignoti Amadeus, during the famous TV show Rai Uno, was forced to apologize to one of the strangers: let’s find out why.

Amadeus, during an episode of the famous TV show Rai Uno dei Soliti Ignoti, had to apologize to a stranger: let’s see why.

Amadeus soliti ignoti solocine.it

Among the programs best known and most appreciated by the Rai Uno public there is certainly that of Soliti Ignoti, a fixed appointment for many Italians who, in the evening, find themselves watching television during dinner. A show that still represents an excellent source of lightness, and that over time has always had success with a constant increase in the number of viewers and listeners.

As always, Amadeus manages the program. The television presenter, during the course of the episode broadcast on Thursday October 13, was however the protagonist of an episode which could be defined as a simple slip.

To one of the strangers, precisely number 8, the competitors in the race immediately asked for the classic photo, the latter having ended up giving her a clue before she even had the opportunity to introduce herself. To the fifty-four-year-old lady from Rome, Amadeus immediately apologized, saying: “Excuse me ma’am, you couldn’t even introduce yourself, we were too focused on our work.” It all ended, of course, with laughter and applause from the audience.

Great guest of Amadeus at the Soliti Ignoti program

During this same episode, Amadeus also had the pleasure of welcoming the fictional actor Rai Nero halfway through Miguel Gobbo Diaz. The latter took part in the classic early evening show of Rai Uno dei Soliti Ignoti in order to present the FAI (Italian Environment Fund) project.

Amadeus himself explains the reasons for the presence of this special guest: “He is not there to present Nero halfway but to support an important initiative, namely that of the FAI”.

The final result of the Soliti Ignoti episode

As for the result of the aforementioned episode of the Soliti Ignoti led by Amadeus, the finale reserved a lot of satisfaction and smiles, with the couple of participants of the evening who managed to win a prize pool of well over 25 thousand euros in chips. Golden . .

Amadeus soliti ignoti solocine.it

The elation over the prize was huge, with Amadeus himself applauding the winning couple at the end of the evening, then joking about the woman’s final decision: “Thank God she chose.”

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