The Uninvited: Pedro Pascal also in the cast



Pedro Pascal, star of The Mandalorian series as well as The Last of Us which will be released in 2023, has joined the cast of Nadia Conners’ comedy The Uninvited.

Pedro Pascal will be part with Elizabeth Reaser, Lois Smith and Walton Goggins of the cast of the film The Uninvited, a choral comedy by director Conners.

The Undesirables solocine.it

Pedro Pascal, an actor who has risen to prominence in recent years with starring roles in hugely successful television series, has joined the cast of The Uninvited. Already present in some episodes of Game of Thrones, Pascal has decided to get involved in a project that is quite different from what has been done in the recent past.

In addition to the experience in Game of Thrones, a series that is certainly no longer to be presented, the experience in The Mandalorian is also significant, one of the flagship products of the Disney+ catalog and whose third season will be released in 2023. Besides, the actor is also ready to be admired in the role of Joel, the protagonist of the famous video game The Last of Us transposed in the series which will debut on HBO on January 15, 2023.

The Uninvited: the cast

To handle the direction of The Uninvited, whose genre could be identified in a kind of ensemble comedy, it will be Nadia Conners. Known above all as a documentary filmmaker, the latter will also take care of the screenplay.

To embellish the film a respectable cast. Besides Pascal, other very important actors will take part in this comedy such as Elizabeth Reaser, who has already appeared in the Twilight saga and Grey’s Anatomy, and Lois Smith. Without forgetting, of course, Walton Goggins, husband of Conners and famous above all for the role of detective Shane Vendrell in The Shield as well as for having participated in Django Unchained and The Hateful Eight by Quentin Tarantino.

“Having such a talented cast with such strong chemistry for my directorial debut is a dream come true,” Conners said of his feature debut.

Some progress on the plot of the film

The Undesirables solocine.it

For now, of course, we don’t yet know much about the plot of The Uninvited. The comedy, which has Cassian Elwes and Naomi Despres as executive producers, however, is expected to center on the story of a man who suddenly shows up at a party.

The arrival on stage of this character, initially totally unknown to the other protagonists, could have important repercussions, both directly and indirectly, on the events of all the guests at the party, with a succession of moments of pure comedy and developments concerning each of them. which promises to keep viewers glued to the screen.

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