The trendiest fall color according to the stars



What color do you prefer this fall 2022? The influence comes from celebrities, who have already chosen the predominant shade of the season.

Celebrities are once again setting trends and this time offering a color that fully represents this season for fall 2022. What if we told you that all shades of brown are allowed? The fabric doesn’t matter, as long as it’s all brown. A shade that reaches its peak at this time of year, exploited not only on the clothing side but also on the beauty side (make-up, nail art but also hair look). Stars from Hailey Bieber to Reese Witherspoon have shown how they can harness the full potential of this color for social events and everyday looks.

Credits: Hailey Bieber / Instagram

Total brown pleases with all its shades, from the darkest tending towards chocolate to the rusty effect, then passing to burgundy. These fall tones are also Hollywood approved, so why not take advantage?

Fall 2022, the favorite color of celebrities is brown

Just spend a few minutes on Instagram to understand that fall is completely dominated this year by total brown looks. Witnessing the trend are stars such as Hailey Bieber, a beloved and hugely popular model who dole out glamorous advice even unwittingly. Justin Bieber’s wife has trodden the trend on several occasions: most recent is her total brown look proposed on the red carpet of the gala of the Academy Museum. For the occasion, the model opted for a dress with openwork details, a shell-shaped skirt and bodice draped in a delicious chocolate hue. The dress bears the signature of Yves Saint Laurent.

Credits: Instagram

And from the same house is the bodycon maxi dress still worn by Hailey Bieber, but on the occasion of the annual Women in Hollywood Celebration. Another look proposed in total brown, but with a tortoiseshell texture, is the one proposed by Sarah Michelle Gellar. Beloved actress of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, she wore a long-sleeved bronze effect mini dress covered in shiny sequins by Dolce & Gabbana.

Credits: Netflix / Instagram

And once again Michelle Pfeiffer rode the trend before it even went viral, opting for a Céline all-over brown wrap dress covered in white polka dots. For the premiere of From Scratch – The Force of Love, a new romance miniseries from Netflix, Reese Witherspoon and Zoe Saldana gave a different demonstration of the trend. Witherspoon in the project is a producer, but on the red carpet she offered a burgundy dress by Roland Mouret. Zoe Saldana, meanwhile, opted for a softer shade, like caramel, with a strapless Fendi sheath dress.

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