the tour to save the kingdom



A source close to the Royal Family has said King Charles III and Camilla are planning the biggest international tour ever for the British Royal Family. The King and Queen Consort will certainly visit Australia and New Zealand as well as many Commonwealth countries in the Caribbean during. The massive tour will take place over two years of travel.

In this ambitious project, Prince William and Princess Kate will have an “important supporting role” and Carlo will also entrust them with certain steps to carry out on their own. In this decision, the new king wants to fully inherit the policy that Queen Elizabeth has adopted throughout her reign.


A source close to the monarch told the Mirror: ‘The King and his family are eager to be involved in these crucial first months and years of his reign. Remember, however, that the real tours have been causes for concern and revolt in recent months. Even William and Kate’s trip to the Caribbean failed to appease the country’s independent wing.

Carlo and Camilla: a huge tour to unite the country

Carlo and Camilla’s project seems really ambitious. It is believed that the royal family will follow in the footsteps of Queen Elizabeth, visiting in two years all the countries reached by the sovereign in the 70s on the occasion of her jubilee for the 25th anniversary of the throne. With a busy schedule, Elizabeth II made 52 visits to the Commonwealth and 21 trips to other countries at the time.


The source commented on the choice, saying, “He certainly wants to continue his late mother’s longtime mantra of being seen to be believed, and is very eager to get out there and meet as many people as possible.” From what we learn, therefore, King Charles is already in talks with the main advisers to go to Canada and Australia “as soon as possible”.


Great anticipation for the trip to Australia and Canada. They are, in fact, the largest countries in the Commonwealth and they too have not been free from dissent and pro-independence voices. Carlo and Camilla’s reign, indeed, will face the delicate task of holding this enormous reality together. In the meantime, he is therefore also planning a trip to India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. So far, the new king has visited 45 of the 56 Commonwealth countries during his lifetime. The choice of members of the royal family to be given certain tasks during the royal tour will show the world who the new king really trusts.

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