the statements of Donzelli, Ciriani and Durigon



“There is an official note from Forza Italia, their position in the vote has always been unequivocal”. These are the words of Giovanni Donzelli on Berlusconi’s latest audio published yesterday by LaPresse. Giovanni Donzelli – Picture by Ansa Foto

Asked if the statements of the founder of Forza Italia on Zelensky embarrass the center-right, Donzelli replied: “It seems to me that this is not the position of Forza Italia, it is certainly not that of the Brothers of ‘Italy. We have a clear position and we will be the guarantors of Italy’s western position in the event of a centre-right government”.

Senator Luca Ciriani (FdI) was also intercepted: “Our foreign policy has not changed and will not change. What counts is the commitment we have made on the electoral program that we have proposed and the acts that we have approved in Parliament”.

Berlusconi’s statements, he adds, “of course we would not have preferred them, but our policy and that of Meloni do not change”.

Ciriani does not close the possibility that Tajani is still Minister of Foreign Affairs: “I do not participate in any totonomi, but the choice belongs to Meloni”.

Even the deputy of the League Claudio Durigon does not exclude that Antonio Tajani could still be chosen as Minister of Foreign Affairs: “It was the President of the European Council, who is more suitable than him. I don’t think he spoke, but Meloni will take care of it.

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