The sinister entity touches terror in the trailer for “The Mad Hatter”; Check it out!



The horror “The Mad Hatter” won the first trailer.


Cate Devaney, who has worked in the storyboard arts of several Scott Derrickson films – including “Doctor Strange” and “The Entity” – is responsible for the direction.

Henry and three classmates join his teacher for a study of psychology at the “Mad Hatter” mansion, allegedly haunted by those who died at a lavish party in the 1880s. Henry hopes the study will cure him of his horrific symptoms. nightmares about his sister. drowned, but as the weekend progresses the students begin to question their own sanity until they begin to disappear one by one.

The cast includes Armando Gutierrez, Samuel Caleb Walker, Michael Berryman, Isadora Cruz, Nick Miller and Rachel Brunner.

The horror has not yet come out.

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