‘The Simpsons’ Gets SENSATIONAL Halloween Parody With ‘Death Note’ Look



‘The Simpsons’ Halloween special is set to arrive soon, and this time they’ll stop in the cult anime ‘Death Note’ universe. Some information and a trailer have been revealed that preview what this unusual “crossover” will look like.

From what we see, Lisa will be the protagonist of the new production called “DR Movie”. Find out how it went down below:

The first music video for ‘The Simpsons’ parody of ‘DEATH NOTE’ has been released.

It is animated by DR Movie who also worked on the original series. pic.twitter.com/mmM7IbXc6K

— DiscussingFilm (@DiscussingFilm) October 25, 2022

They also uploaded some simply amazing images:

Enjoy watching:

The team had help from Madhouse in the 2006 adaptation.

Recall that we will also be able to see the complete parody on the FOX television channel on October 30, during the Halloween episode of The Simpsons ‘House in the Tree of Horrors XXXIII’, which also won a poster:

Don’t forget to watch:

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