The signs of the zodiac are certainly messier: do you know them?



After looking at the most naturally ordered zodiac signs that are resolutely oriented to retaining that nature very naturally, it’s also worth looking at the counterpart that doesn’t tend to stand out with a sense of order. Disordered signs are usually the ones that are absolutely the least tolerated, especially when one has to live in a particular condition. However, messy zodiac signs do not necessarily show this nature for one reason only as these can be varied, indeed many are acutely aware of this problem, but at the same time it is difficult to change. Do you know these signs?

The signs of the zodiac are certainly messier: do you know them?


The Leo belongs to the specific category we have just mentioned, a sign that he more or less regularly shows an interest in order, especially when he is in a good mood. The Leo, however, is so turned towards himself that he “forgets” the context in which he lives and tends to live very often in a dilapidated context. This is one of the things that causes the most social problems for Leos, as they never really settle down.


Scorpio, on the other hand, does the bare minimum, even if it must be said that bringing order is not a problem, and in its own way its schematic way of life reflects this ease in not liking chaos. However, the chaos only manifests where he lives and works, although it never reaches “excessive” levels. Scorpio, however, sometimes needs to be encouraged to maintain order.


Trivially, Pisces are messy because they constantly seem to have their head in the clouds. Sarebbe semplice dire così, in realtà c’è dell’altro, in quanto chi è nato sotto questo segno manifesta un concreto disinteresse a tenersi occupato con l’ordine, che inevitabilmente finisce per essere un’attività poco seguita, e che ha priorità molto small.

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