The secret ingredient of nutella: here’s which one



Nutella is a food capable of making adults and children happy. It is a chocolate spread that, with its delicate and overwhelming taste, has made many fall in love with it, causing consumers to buy it and use it in many recipes. Its origins are linked to a Piedmontese family and date back to the 1960s. Initially, it was born to meet a very specific need: to create as soon as possible a food that would feed the malnourished children who lived in the poorest neighborhoods. of the country. .

Nutella, for the first time was presented to the public in the form of a block of chocolate, but very quickly the producers realized that this form greatly limited the versatility of the food and therefore made changes. It was enough to add to the original recipe a series of vegetable oils which, thanks to their properties, made the solid paste into a cream that was very easy to spread, but let’s see, at this point, what the real ingredients of Nutella are.

A well-known consumer organization tried to figure this out for us. They mixed light cocoa, skimmed milk powder, sugar, hazelnuts but above all a good dose of palm oil. According to what this organization affirms, with the union of these ingredients we obtain nutella. Among these ingredients, there is one that has particularly aroused the concern of consumers but also of the most authoritative people in the sector.

It’s palm oil. In fact, it is common knowledge that oil palm cultivation is not socially correct. From that moment, the famous Italian manufacturer was catapulted into a whirlwind of discrediting news. The company in question immediately defended itself by making public that the palm oil it uses for all its productions, and therefore not only for Nutella, comes from sustainable cultivation, but this has undoubtedly not enough to calm the waters.

The news made public by the organization went viral in a short time, so much so that criticism also arrived from Germany. This nation strongly criticizes the Italian company for using palm oil, defining it as “not caring” about all that this implies both for the environment and for the health of consumers. The company has once again reaffirmed its position in this area, demonstrating that 100% of the oil used comes from sustainable cultivation. This time Greenpeace and WWF came to help and backed up what the company said, giving more confidence to what they said.

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