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The School for Good and Evil Sequel: What We Know



After a long wait, The School for Good and Evil has finally landed on Netflix. But will the fantastic film have a sequel? Here’s what the director thinks.

The School of Good and Evil has finally reached the small screens of Netflix. The story, born from the pen of Soman Chainani, became a film directed by Paul Feig and tells what happens behind the fairy tales we all know. It seems that each aspiring princess and respective antagonist attended a certain academy, well located in a magical place. And that whoever is chosen to be part of it will acquire extraordinary skills.

The School of Good and EvilThe School of Good and Evil

The long-awaited film tells the story of Agatha and Sophie, two friends who find themselves catapulted into a world where magic is real. But are there really purely good and bad people? This is one of the questions that drives the plot forward. Now that the first film has finally been released via Netflix, audiences are wondering: will there be a sequel?

Will the school of good and evil have a sequel?

We would like to point out that below you can find spoilers related to the movie. If you’ve watched The School for Good and Evil, that means you probably know the final scene. Let’s review it together: Sophie and Agatha choose to leave the academy and return to Gavaldon. Both girls still have their own powers, although no one knows about it. Shortly before the narrative concludes, a portal opens from which first an arrow shoots out, accompanied by Tedros’ request for help and finally the throwing of a dagger. It’s an open ending and therefore allows the film to have at least one sequel. But will he really be there?

The School of Good and EvilThe School of Good and Evil

Part of the answer was the director. Considering that there is no happy ending at the end of this story, it is very likely that The School of Good and Evil will want to continue its story. The final scene, incidentally, ends with the narrator’s statement, “This is just the beginning.” The fantasy literary saga consists of six novels, so the material would be there. And, according to Paul Feig, also the hope of moving forward. “The goal is to make it a franchise. This is the plan for the future. Take material from books and turn them into movies. We love these characters and their universe. The books are so fun and hectic,” the director told EW.

The School of Good and EvilThe School of Good and Evil

Anyone who has read the novels will have noticed that the first film is not without changes. The director, in this regard, clarified that he could not have included all the details in a single film and that the two stories must stand on their own. “You don’t need to know the book for this movie. Anyone who wants to can enjoy this story and its characters and then they can also read the books afterwards and it will still be fantastic. Both must be able to defend themselves. And we hope to continue like this also for the future ”. It will be up to Netflix to announce a possible second film.

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