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‘The Ring’ gets a new reboot



According to the WGTC, Paramount Pictures will produce a reboot of “The Ring” franchise with a plot suitable for the next generation.

It has been said that instead of using VHS tapes to tell Samara Morgan’s story, the new film will focus on smartphones as they are the fastest way to share files.

Apparently, the plot will jump on the wave of viral stories, as happened with the character of Momo, who terrorized children and teenagers last year.

So far, the studio is trying to bring in Gore Verbinski, director of the 2002 remake, to take over production.

Further details were not disclosed, and since Paramount has not commented on the information, consider it a rumor.

Have fun watching:

For those who don’t know, ‘The Ring’ is a remake of ‘Ringu’, a Japanese production released in 1998 and adapted from the novel of the same name written by Koji Suzuki in 1991.

A curiosity is that Hideo Nakata, responsible for the original adaptation, took over the direction of ‘The Ring 2’ in 2004, after the departure of Verbinski.

The last film in the franchise was released in 2017 and became a critical and public flop, grossing just $83.1 million on a budget of $25 million.

Directed by F. Javier Gutiérrez, ‘Chamados’ earned just an 8% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

Don’t forget to watch:

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