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The Pros and Cons of Different Hair Removal Types



Hair Removal

Hair removal – some do it, it some don’t! It’s a very personal thing. Most of us have a go-to hair removal strategy but it’s natural to wonder sometimes if there’s another method that might work for better. Could mixing and merging methods even be an option? Whether speed, efficiency or comfort is your priority, here’s the low-down on the possibilities. 


  • Pros 

Many people find shaving is a quick, effortless way to remove body hair. You just need a razor and some shaving cream to do this, and these tools are usually very low cost. Shaving areas like your underarms can really help keep body odour to a minimum. 

Hair is very absorbent, which means it hangs on to bacteria. Much of the time, that’s where the real culprit for body odour lies.

  • Cons

One of the cons of shaving is that it doesn’t hold the hair at bay for very long. If you’re one of the 93% that shaves more frequently in summer, this can get annoying. 

Another is that shaving can result in injuries and bleeding if you go too fast. Some people struggle with itchiness too. Sometimes shaving in the direction of hair growth and moisturising afterwards helps. Nevertheless, shaving can be a tricky and frustrating grooming habit if these after-effects persist.


  • Pros 

Then, of course, we’ve got waxing. Hair removal wax strips are used by salons everywhere, and some of us use them at home, too. The biggest pro is that after waxing, hair grows back in a matter of weeks, not days. 

It also means that for several weeks, you don’t have to fiddle about with hair removal at home.

  • Cons

On the flip side, waxing can be painful. Everyone’s pain threshold is unique. Women may even find that theirs differs depending on their point in the menstrual cycle. 

Waxing can also be more expensive than other methods. If you try it at home, it can also get messy, and you’ll need to know what you’re doing.

Depilatory creams 

  • Pros 

These creams break down hair’s keratin proteins, meaning that when you rinse them off, the hair comes off too. Ordinarily, this method is pain-free. It can be a useful alternative for those who find shaving too itchy. 

  • Cons

However, depilatory creams don’t remove hair at the root like waxing, which means the hair will grow back faster. 

There’s still a chance of skin irritation too, so it isn’t for everyone.

Laser hair removal

  • Pros 

After multiple sessions of laser hair removal, light converts to heat and damages the hair follicles. The idea is that this will provide a more long-term hair removal solution. 

If you can afford to pay the up-front cost for laser hair removal, you can cut down on constantly paying for shaving tools, waxing and creams. This can be a really useful solution for the person who is fed up with other methods. 

  • Cons 

However, it’s not necessarily a case of waving a magic wand and banishing unwanted hair forevermore. 

Anyone who has darker skin or a tan may find that it isn’t effective. It’s much more effective for someone who has a combo of pale skin and dark hair.

The procedure itself can be mildly uncomfortable and comes with a specific aftercare routine you must follow.

There’s also no guarantee that the solution will be permanent.

Final thoughts

People who remove hair often fluctuate between different methods throughout their life. If one method isn’t working for you, it’s good to explore your options and see if you can make a simple adjustment. 

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