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“The Princess Diary”, with Anne Hathaway and Julie Andrews, turns 20; See the curiosities on the film!



Two of the entertainment scene’s most legendary names are Anne Hathaway and Julie Andrews – and the two of them starred in the teenage romantic comedy “The Princess’ Diary” together.

Officially launched exactly twenty years ago at the El Capitan Theater, the feature film not only represented Hathaway’s big-screen debut, launching a career filled with accolades and accolades, but it also featured “the iconic Andrews Poppins” from Mary and “The Sound of Music”. , to a new generation that grew up with Walt Disney and Disney Channel entertainment – which is why it is constantly revisited.

The plot revolves around Mia, a 15-year-old girl who lives with her mother in San Francisco. Suddenly, she discovers that her father is the Prince of Genoa, a small European country. She receives a visit from her new grandmother, who begins to give her etiquette lessons, teaching her how a princess should behave. But as her birthday approaches, Mia must decide which path she wants to take in her life: become a princess and move to Genovia or stay with her mother.

Despite a mixed reception at the time of its release, the film has become a universal cult, rediscovered year after year and aging like a wine. The surprising financial success even followed up and immortalized Mia Thermopolis in pop culture.

To celebrate your birthday, we’ve separated a list with several behind-the-scenes curiosities, which you can check out below:


During the auditions, Hathaway fell from her chair and immediately landed the role of Mia in the production. In fact, the actress was so awkward that the scene where she slips and falls in the stands was unscripted: director Garry Marshall found the moment so funny that he decided to keep it in the final cut.


Enjoy watching:

One of the waiters after dinner where Mia breaks a glass of water says “it happens all the time”. The same actor played a waiter in ‘A Beautiful Woman’ and said the same thing to Vivian Ward (Julia Roberts) when she let the snail slip away. Both films were directed by Marshall.


Hathaway had to use multiple hair extensions to make her look fuller. Her eyebrows took an hour to apply, as each hair was placed individually.


The jewelry and tiara used by Andrews in the film’s final sequence were worth $ 500,000 at the time, especially since they were made with real diamonds on loan from the Harry Winston Company. Hathaway’s ornaments, in turn, were made especially for her and were cheaper: instead of diamonds, the tiara was made of cubic zirconia.


Hathaway and Heather Matarazzo, the interpreter of Lilly Moscovitz, became great friends while filming ‘The Princess’ Diary’ and, to this day, remain in touch with each other.


While filming the final celebratory dance, Marshall put on Madonna’s classic song “Like a Prayer” for the actors and actresses to act naturally. However, the assistant director had to re-shoot the scene several times as the cast continued to mumble the lyrics to the song.


The role of Mia was originally offered to Juliette Lewis, but the actress turned it down. Before Hathaway was signed, names like Christina Applegate, Cameron Diaz, Kate Beckinsale, Reese Witherspoon, Jessica Alba and Sarah Michelle Gellar were considered to be playing the lead role.


The film completely changes the relationship between Queen Clarisse (Andrews) and Mia compared to the book. In the original novel, Clarisse is stubborn and almost cruel Mia, causing her to cry multiple times and being responsible for telling the world that she is a princess. In the adaptation, the eventful first meeting between the two quickly turns into a fun friendship.


The relationship between Queen Clarisse and Joseph (Hector Elizondo) was not in the script. The dance scene and the undeniable affection they felt for each other was improvised by the actors and kept in the final cut.


With over $ 165 million in revenue worldwide, “The Princess’ Diary” defied the expectations of the film industry, which never expected such financial success – all the more considering the ratings. free of the feature film. It’s no surprise that a sequel came out three years later titled “The Princess Diary 2: Royal Wedding”.

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