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The previews of Ladies’ Paradise, a new love story on the horizon



A new love story threatens to upset Il Paradiso delle Signore. In fact, the plot will end up surprising viewers: what will happen.

Ladies heaven returns to amaze all viewers. Indeed, in the next episodes there will be a new love story destined to amaze everyone: the advances on the soap opera Rai.

Ladies paradise 7All the plot details of the Italian soap opera (via Screenshot)

Also this seventh season of Il Paradiso delle Signore airs Monday through Friday at 4:05 p.m. on the flagship Rai network. The latest advances that have appeared on the net concern the episodes that will take place from Monday 21 to Friday 25 November. From what emerged, there will be a marked affinity between Maria (Chiara Russo) and Vito (Elia Tedesco) which will be noticed by Armando (Pietro Genuardi) and Alfredo (Gabriele Anagni). The Ferraris assistant will therefore feel obliged to encourage the new accountant of the Milanese department store to come forward to the Sicilian seamstress.

Then Lamantia will decide to accept this suggestion and will write a note to the young Puglisi, inviting her on a date. But despite Maria’s desire to be present, an accident will prevent the young girl from meeting Vito. However, the knight will not be discouraged and invites the villager for a second date. The love story between the two is still in its infancy, despite this we see how in the end the two were able to get engaged.

Le Paradis des Dames, a new love story: it’s about Maria and Vito

Ladies paradiseLadies’ Paradise and Its Cast (WebSource)

During this seventh season, viewers get to know Vito. The character is a Sicilian boy who arrived in Milan and became the workshop’s new accountant. Lamantia also proves to be increasingly interested in young Maria, so much so that he will eventually confess to the warehouse manager that he is in love with her. In addition, all viewers know that Maria’s father arranged an arranged marriage for his daughter, choosing Lamantia as the groom.

However, Roberto could fall in love with Vito, who until now has always done his best to hide from most people that he is gay. The character has been in love with Vittorio for quite some time, but despite this, at the moment he would be smitten by Lamantia. Although there are no official spoilers on this, it is possible that Roberto confesses to Vito that he fell in love with him. Moreover, it is not excluded that the latter does not return the feeling to him. If this hypothesis were to materialize, Lamantia and Landi could get engaged in secret.

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