the pressure on abusive raves, the measures on the Covid and the rule of life imprisonment



Giorgia Meloni – Picture by Ansa Foto

The Council of Ministers held on Monday, October 31 approved the single decree on anti-Covid measures, rave parties and preventive prison.

Among the measures, there is also the postponement to December 30 of the implementation of the Cartabia reform. The appointment of 31 Deputy Secretaries and 8 Deputy Ministers was also approved.

Covid-19 measures

Meloni’s executive has approved stopping mandatory vaccination for doctors and healthcare professionals. However, the obligation to wear these devices in hospitals and in RSA remains.

“The expiry of the Covid vaccination obligation is brought forward to November 1. Indeed, the epidemiological picture has changed, especially from the data, it can be seen that the impact on hospitals is limited and that there is a decrease in infections and a stabilization of hospital employment. Added to this is the shortage of medical personnel: therefore, the return to work of these unvaccinated doctors serves to counter the shortage and guarantee the right to health,” said the Minister of Health, Orazio Schillaci, during of the press conference after the Council of Ministers. . .

“I wanted a Minister of Health like that because the subject of science is not confronted with an ideological approach, but with scientific evidence to support the measures. In the past, an infinite number of measures have been taken without being based on scientific evidence. So it’s not replicating,” Meloni said.

“If there are new variants, we are ready to intervene. As for the Covid data bulletin, the data is collected daily but having a weekly estimate gives a different picture. The data is unclassified and is available to competent authorities,” Schillaci said.

Life imprisonment

“We have accepted the indication of Justice,” said Minister of Justice Carlo Nordio, explaining that “the law does not compromise the security and certainty of the sentence. It is a question of adapting to the indications of the Court, and also of accepting the indication given by the previous Parliament which had proposed this modification. We welcomed the cry of pain from prosecutors, investigating judges, courts of appeal and general prosecutors asking for the postponement of the application of the Cartabia reform, which in any case is a step in the right direction”, declared the minister. .

“I am proud of the rule of life imprisonment,” Meloni said, stressing that the government’s line against the mafia will be firm and decisive.

Rave Party Rules

To finish on the rave parties “they were already working on it. The requirements of necessity and urgency stem from the fact that the absence of effective legislation in our country has made us particularly vulnerable, as evidenced by the news of recent years”. Thus the Minister of the Interior, Matteo Piantedosi, during the press conference at the end of the Council of Ministers.

With the rule on rave parties “we are intervening in the matter with a rule which provides for a new crime, that of invasion for dangerous gatherings”, announced the Prime Minister. “Initially, it was decided to intervene on an aggravating circumstance for the crime that already exists, namely the invasion of land and buildings, but we chose to introduce a new and different crime to avoid that it is only included among crimes against property and not for public safety,” Meloni explained.

“We are convinced, as it happens in other countries and other sectors, that the rule, once introduced, can be a deterrent for these events,” said Piantedosi, stressing that the penalty for those who organize a rave varies from 3 to 6 years. . In addition, added the head of the Ministry of the Interior, “we are very confident in the accessory sanction of the confiscation of vehicles that are used” in the parties.

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