‘The OC’: Misha Barton reveals the REAL reason to drop the popular series



It’s been 15 years since actress Misha Barton left the series ‘The OC’ in the fateful final episode of season 3, in a tragic and dramatic way.

And after more than a decade, she’s decided to solve one of the biggest mysteries of small screens, revealing the real reason for her departure from production. In an interview with E! News, Barton commented that the problems began shortly after actress Rachel Bilson was made official as a regular member of the main cast, “matching everyone’s pay.”

At the time, the actress also revealed that she was being bullied backstage by men she preferred not to mention by name:

“There were people on set who were really mean to me. It wasn’t the most ideal work environment for a sensitive young girl – who had been pushed to stardom – to cope with it.

Barton also said that under the circumstances, the producers gave him two outings:

“Do you want your job and sail to the sunset and you could possibly come back in the future, in a weird TV scenario?” Or can we kill your character and continue your career however you want and do whatever you want? “

The actress ended up choosing to leave the production, which resulted in the powerful – and controversial – result of her character.

And even with his character’s abrupt farewell sharing his opinions so far, Barton says he’s happy with the end of Marissa’s journey, saying he thinks the ending was “great,” pointing out that he wasn’t. easy to say goodbye to the comrades of the cast, from whom she I loved her so much:

“I was very sad to have to leave because we were like family. But there were things that were not very beautiful and I would be lying if I didn’t say that I was a little relieved to have withdrawn from this situation ”.

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