The music legend reveals his drama: “Great suffering, I have emptiness inside”



The heartfelt words of the Italian music legend. The artist opened up publicly about his intimate issues

Even the biggest and most beloved characters in the entertainment world can have very serious problems. Indeed, it is unfortunately very common for high achievers to be unable to handle particular moments.

Desperate Man (web source)

It also happened to a beloved Italian artist. A musician of thickness, even of great longevity, who without showing it publicly let it be known that he had faced a really difficult period.

We are talking about Angelo Branduardi. An Italian singer-songwriter of great depth, known for some famous and historical pieces of local music. In the interview with Corriere della Sera, he indulged in some very important secrets.

Angelo Branduardi and depression: “I called it the black sun”

The touching words are those of Branduardi. The singer-songwriter born in the province of Milan in 1950 has reached a very mature period in his life. But he did not hide that he suffered from depression, the evil of the century.

“I called this evil ‘the black sun’ because what I felt was a total blackening of the light. As if the light could no longer reach me. I would like to be sincere and clear about this, because I have learned that the words to speak to people who suffer from it are important and must be calibrated. Meanwhile, in my family, there had been similar incidents in the past, but at the time these people were cataloged as “nuts “and, as happened to my aunt, hospitalized in terrible asylums”. Angelo Branduardi (web source)

A problem that also occurred during the Covid pandemic and confinement: “Fortunately, today we have the sensitivity, the culture and the medical tools. I collapsed in 2020, the year of the pandemic. For long months, even after the easing of the measures, I did not even set foot in the garden, I lived in segregation, I had total emptiness inside. I had to cancel my commitments, I canceled things that would have been useful for my career”.

Even the music had become a burden: “Just listening to music, it’s my life, made me sick. Nothing made sense anymore, not even the things I loved the most, and that certainty was terrible. I lost twenty-five kilos and fortunately my wife is with me, because it is difficult to deal with those who suffer from depression. We tend to dismiss him by addressing him with phrases like “don’t be sad, you have everything you could want”, without realizing the harmful effect these words have.

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