The most stubborn women are those belonging to these zodiac signs



The Italian language defines stubbornness as “a stubborn and unreasonable stubbornness”, usually dictated by various conditions linked in turn to a low propensity to be “flexible” and willing to change one’s mind. However, being stubborn is absolutely not a bad thing, indeed it can also be the key to success, leading us to “turn the odds” and perhaps achieve results that most people would not expect. The feminine sphere is often defined as more tenacious and prone to being “hard-headed”, so often women are the most stubborn, at least from the outside according to perception, as the zodiac signs also describe.

The most stubborn women are those belonging to these zodiac signs


Stubborn almost to the end and to all logic, Leo is a profile that in all possible genres denotes a hard head that seems almost a sign of boredom but that makes these women among the most “easily combative” in the absolute. Leo is a woman who is not authoritarian but who knows what she wants and how to get it, not needing outside judgments, especially if they are not asked.


She almost never changes her mind, although she is a good listener and knows how to behave perfectly in any social environment. But no one can directly tell a Virgo how to behave. Even at the cost of a mistake, she always has to decide, and she absolutely does not like outside influences.


The Taurus woman considers herself a true democrat, she always reacts calmly even when she disagrees. But make no mistake about it, he remains a personality who knows only one way of approaching life, and each situation: his own, strewn with attitudes that are equally annoying for many but which denote a certain certainty in their absolute means. Trying to get her to change her mind is almost impossible.

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