The most popular fall manicure colors among experts



Autumn brings with it new manicure trends too, but what are the perfect colors for this season’s nail art? Advice comes from industry experts.

Autumn can count on a colorful palette, even more this year and the advice comes from experts in the beauty sector who have defined which are the perfect colors for the manicure. These are proven shades, which fully represent the mood of the season and also inspire celebrities. Nail art experts have spilled their beauty secrets to US Vogue, explaining which colors to go for these days and why.

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For example, according to Steph Stone (famous nail artist), it is important to choose the manicure according to your mood. “As the weather begins to change and fall approaches, I feel the need to create a more welcoming environment for myself in all aspects of life. And this affects my wardrobe, the way I decorate the house and even the color of my nails.” But what are the perfect colors for a fall manicure? Here’s advice from the experts.

Autumn, the perfect colors for the manicure

According to Syreeta Aaron, the perfect fall manicure colors come simply from watching how nature changes this time of year. Nature, in this case, is a source of inspiration for the changing colors of the leaves, as well as the shades of brown and again the autumn sky with these shades of midnight blue.

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Another piece of advice always comes from Steph Stone, which mainly refers to her wardrobe. “If this color looks good on you, chances are it will look good on your nails as well.” Certain colors, in any case, become must-haves of the season without too much interpretation. For example, nail artist Betina Goldstein, as Vogue reports, is sure that fall wants deeper tones. “We’re starting to play with matte and velvety textures” and stars like Zoe Kravitz and Hailey Bieber prove it too.

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But what are the colors to use in autumn according to the experts? Depending on the seasonal influences, dark moss green could be a perfect choice, which Syreeta Aaron is very fond of. “It’s my favorite fall shade because it flatters any skin tone. And green is a great way to try a darker shade without wearing the classic burgundy you see a lot in fall.” Betina Goldstein, on the other hand, suggests mustard yellow, already present on red carpets and reminiscent of autumn leaves, as well as royal blue, with “jewel tones”.In the autumn manicure palette, brown in All its variations, from the darkest shade to the burgundy shade, cannot be missing, as well as metallic shades, neutral shades, olive green and carmine red.

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