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The Most Dangerous League Beginning Build Available for Path of Exile 3.22



Path of Exile

The latest Path of Exile expansion is called “The Trial of the Ancestors,” and it will include a new mode called “The Ancestor League.” In this mode, players will construct teams of warriors to compete in gladiator-style competitions. This leads us to believe that the League mechanic will force you to fight just a few enemies at once, and that possibly dealing damage to a single target will be more important than dealing damage to an area that affects the entire screen. Despite this, you will need to find a convenient way to farm Maps and level up your character. This brings us back to the typical dilemma presented by Path of Exile, which is determining which facet of your character you should put more of your focus on. In either case, you should enjoy yourself…

The Patch itself does not offer almost any changes to the game’s overall balance, and there will also be no new Active abilities added. The reworks to Chieftain and Guardian, which are, to put it another way, debatable at best, did not make the cut for our list because they are responsible for the most significant changes. Aside from that, we will be receiving a number of new and interesting Support Gems that ought to make it possible for a number of interesting builds, such as ones that utilize Attack Ignite, but in general, we will have to hope that the League mechanic will keep us entertained over the next few weeks. The actual Starter builds for the Trial of the Ancestors expansion will now be discussed, so let’s not waste any more time and get right to it!


The straightforward Arc Elementalist is our first point of recommendation. It is one of the most straightforward builds, which is a quality that is important when you are new to the game or if you simply enjoy playing with such archetypes. At this point, you will apply the Arc Skill to deal Lightning Damage, which is a very effective use of the ability. Arc quickly finds and targets enemies to chain off of automatically, and it does so in an extremely brisk manner. You can wipe out a sizeable pack of foes with a single cast, allowing you to immediately move on to the following encounter. Not only does the Shaper of Storms Keystone make Elementalist a useful class in this instance, but the class also has good synergy with Golems. We have made use of five of these Minions that function in a manner very similar to that of free Auras in that they grant both offensive and defensive bonuses. The construction is also simple to put together. You can get started with things that are very fundamental and inexpensive; there is an abundance of cheap POE items that will improve your performance. You will also have a lot of room for improvement later on in the game with this build, and you will be able to use it for an indefinite amount of time throughout the entirety of the league.


In addition to being one of the most exciting Melee Skills, Flicker Strike is also one of the quickest and most powerful. You can instantly teleport and Strike an opponent with it, and if you use one of your Frenzy Charges to perform this Attack, you can circumvent the Cooldown that normally applies to it. You can reliably generate Frenzy Charges in a number of different ways, including with Oro’s Sacrifice and Terminus Est Swords, Blood Rage, Mark Mastery, Raider Ascendency, and Farrul’s Fur Armours. As soon as this issue has been resolved, you will be able to reach one million DPS on day one or day two. Keep in mind that this build is risky and that you will die a lot while using it. You don’t have much control over your character, and if the Flicker decides to toss you into a group of porcupines, there’s not much (if any) chance that you’ll survive. Because it is one of the fastest Attacks, Flicker Strike scales very well with Added Damage. If you want to make it even more interesting, you can even use the new Trauma Support Gem to deal even more damage. It would require either an axe, a mace, or a staff as a Main Weapon, all of which are rather uncommon for Flicker, which makes it exciting to try out new combinations of those weapons.


Armageddon Brand is a fantastic source of damage, particularly for a Hierophant in the earlier stages of the game when the game is still in its early stages. We do recommend making the switch to Inquisitor later on, but we find that beginning as a Hierophant makes the game much more approachable. You can receive four Power and Endurance Charges from the Conviction of Power, which grants you increased durability and damage. Additionally, the Sign of Purpose augments the damage that the Brand deals, and the Arcane Blessing grants you additional damage and a buff to your Arcane Surge. It will give your character a head start, allowing you to begin playing tier 16 maps on day one of the game. Because it deals the most damage and allows you to abuse brand recall to force powerful bursts, Armageddon Brand is without a doubt the most effective Brand Skill that can be used. You won’t have a need for Cluster Jewels because the Passive Skill Tree has a large number of nodes on it that are focused on Fire, Spell, Critical, and Brand, all of which are located in close proximity to the starting location of the Templar. At some point, you will decide that you want to switch to Inquisitor because of the incredible regeneration and the ability to bypass enemy resistances.


Frost Blades is a very popular Skill that is used both early in the game and late in the league. A straightforward Strike Attack that deals Converted Cold Damage and also ejects Icy Projectiles from its target. Not only does Frost Blades have the semi-ranged nature of a Melee Skill, but it also has the potential to be combined with Heatshiver Helmet and Yoke of Suffering Amulet, making it one of the most powerful skills in the game. In this manner, once you have accumulated enough damage to Freeze an opponent, you will also deal the same amount of additional Fire Damage to them. This Damage can also Shock, inflicting all three Elemental Ailments on the target, and causing the opponent to take additional damage as a result. The Southbound Gloves and Tasalio’s Sign Ring are two additional low-cost Uniques that you should make use of. The damage will initially come from the Trickster Polymath Keystone, the Hatred Aura, the Herald of Ice, both Ancestral Totems, and a Claw Weapon with flat added damage. This will be done before you acquire the aforementioned Items, which are not particularly expensive. You will unlock a variety of different tools as you progress through the levels, which will allow you to gradually improve the build.

We suggest going with a Trickster because of the Polymath Keystone and the fact that they have excellent defenses, but a Raider or a Berserker will perform just as well.


A skill known as Doom Blast becomes active whenever a Curse that was connected to Impending Doom Support is lifted. It causes an explosion that deals damage consistent with chaos. Since you obviously don’t want to wait for it to finish, the most common way to get it going again is to replace the previous hex value with a new one and trigger it that way. Spell Cascade Support makes it possible to complete the task very quickly; however, the cast time is slightly increased as a result. Through the use of this maneuver, you are able to rapidly stack Poisons on an opponent. Due to the increased chaos damage provided by Void Beacon and Withering Presence Keystones, this archetype functions most effectively when applied to Occultists. On the other hand, Unholy Authority and Profane Bloom have a great synergy with Curse Skills, which is something that you should keep in mind. You would be able to apply three more Curses with each cast if you used Vixen’s Entrapment, which could be an excellent fit for this build. It is an extremely common Unique Path of Exile items, but despite this, it is priced a little bit too high at the beginning of the league due to how popular this build is.

After a day or two, the price is unquestionably affordable. It’s an excellent Build, and the defensive curses, like Enfeeble and Temporal Chains, make it much simpler to take down bosses.

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