The most combative zodiac signs are these 4! Did you know ?



The notion of being combative is something that in most cases can be seen as “positive” because those with this personality trait often “throw their hearts over the edge” and even though they often enter into the category even those who are stubborn, in general the combative is appreciated for his perseverance even when he has chances against. Even some zodiac signs are, on average, more combative than others, albeit quite differently from each other. Today we are going to try to analyze what has just been described by examining the 4 considered to be the most undeniably combative.

The most combative zodiac signs are these 4! Did you know ?


It’s never a good idea to “challenge” a Gemini, as they’re just a seemingly calm and peaceful sign but hide an extremely competitive nature, but only so truly “pricked”. But when he gets something in his head, even if he doesn’t highlight it, he is extremely combative, and if he really has to give up, he never does it without “fighting” much earlier.


There is no word “surrender”, indeed Aries is the one who most obviously, just like a virtue, tends to want to appear even more tenacious and combative than he really is. Often he looks for the most difficult businesses, he absolutely does not like easy things, he basically likes winning things.


It is the combative who nevertheless looks over his shoulder, if he knows that he is wrong in this or that area, he “simply raises his hands” and does not expose himself at all, but if he feels legitimized or is in a favorable context, the situation is very different and becomes practically impossible to move.


Even with the risk of coming out of a particular condition of challenge with “broken bones”, the Leo is very combative, on principle, being a tendentially egocentric profile. Love challenges, especially difficult ones.

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