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The most charismatic zodiac signs are these 3. Do you know them?



The concept of charisma is linked to a strong, tendentially positive, almost magnetic influence that certain people have on their own species. Being charismatic is the basis of social success, and it turns out to be due to a series of behaviors, attitudes, words but also actions that are not always easily recognizable. It is very difficult to “learn” to be charismatic, because it is a very “natural” trait, determined by factors that often do not make direct choices. Even according to the zodiac, and more precisely according to the signs of the zodiac, certain profiles are more charismatic and “exciting” than others. Which are they?

The most charismatic zodiac signs are these 3. Do you know them?


The charisma of Scorpio is such that he does not need to demonstrate qualities that he does not have. He has an effective gab, but above all it is a concrete profile, which does not promise what he can deliver. For this reason, he is perceived in most cases as someone efficient and exciting, even in the political and social fields, he always has clear ideas, being extremely practical.


It is impossible not to be influenced, in one way or another, by the charisma of Taurus which, for better or for worse, manages to make people talk about it. He is an “exciting” profile that could convince almost anyone of the impossible because above all with the help of a very refined but also credible dialectic, he manages to obtain results often forbidden to others. Taurus is a profile some people don’t like, as they often come across as overly bold.


Almost unexpectedly for some, Leo is gaining a position among the most charismatic signs. He does not take the trouble to appear different from what he is, on the contrary he is often “too much himself” but precisely this certainty makes him appear sure and credible, therefore reliable even when he knows little context, he rarely gives up and only gives up when his back is literally against the wall. He has a natural ability to make (almost) everyone feel good.

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